Who is the Boy? 1899 character explained

When some members of the Kerberos board the missing Prometheus, the boy is the sole survivor they find and as soon as he is brought back to their ship, strange things begin occurring.

The boy remains silent for most of the season and he also appears to have a connection with the other passenger that sneaks onto the ship while it is stopped, but as time passes the mystery behind him is slowly unravelled.

A curse upon the rest

Even before they find the Prometheus, Maura and Eyk experience strange things aboard the ship and it only gets stranger once they explore the deserted ship. They do not find any trace of the other passengers and the communication system is destroyed.

They find the boy locked in a cabinet in the ballroom and he’s holding a cloth with a pyramid inside it. Later on, while he’s sleeping in Maura’s room, she also finds a wedding band with him.

Maura tries to get him to talk but he does not say a single word. Meanwhile, people start dropping dead on the ship with no identifiable cause and it has something to do with Daniel, the man who sneaked on.

The more religious Danish passengers in third class led by Iben believe that the boy is a curse and connect his boarding with the deaths so they believe that getting rid of him will help.

Daniel gets a moment with the boy and asks him if he’s found something specific but he hasn’t. The mob eventually gets their hands on the boy and throws him off into the ocean.

Who is the Boy? 1899 character explained 1
The boy is thrown overboard

Beyond comprehension

As the captain’s group retreats to the ballroom to tend to their wounds, a light shines from one of the cabinets and the boy emerges much to the shock of everyone watching.

Who is the Boy? 1899 character explained 2
The boy somehow returns through the cabinet in the ballroom

The men lock him back in there because they’re not sure what they are dealing with. Maura believes the pyramid that he’s holding has special abilities and wants to know more.

Back in the ballroom, Maura goes to open the cabinet and one of the men fires a shot at her. Suddenly time stops still and Maura realises that the boy had something to do with it.

He takes Maura through the door into her memory within her room. He whispers that he can’t tell her anything because “the creator” is listening.

Lost memories

As Maura explores the ship and digs deeper into the mystery of why they’re there, she goes into Daniel’s room and his memory. She enters a bedroom where she finds pictures of her with Daniel and the boy which she has no memory of.

Who is the Boy? 1899 character explained 3
Maura learns about Daniel and Elliot

Daniel finds Maura and then tells her the truth. He and Maura are married and the boy is their son, Elliot. She had her memories wiped to hide the pain for some particular reason.

Her father, Henry captures Elliot later and tells him that he was dying and his mother created the simulation to make sure she could be with her son forever and had her memories wiped because what she did was immoral and selfish.

Who truly created the simulation and the fate of Elliot is left unclear after Maura wakes up in the year 2099 and has to face a new threat, her brother.

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