Who is Shirley Dander? Slow Horses character explained

Slow Horses has a new misfit in its team in the form of Shirley Dander, who tends to prove that she is all business. The character is played by Aimee-Ffion Edwards.

Shirley got a chance to shine when Jackson Lamb chose her over River for a job. There was tension between River and Lamb as the former went for a job interview without telling his boss.

The Slow Horses were looking into the death of Richard Bough, an ex-service agent who was following a bald guy moments before his death.

In order to figure out where this bald guy went, the team needed footage from the inside of the train he had boarded. These videos are stored on hard drives that are swapped out once a week and sent to local stations’ data centers.

Shirley managed to steal the key card of a security guard who works at the data center. With a little help from Roddy, she broke in.

Though the guards soon figured out what was going on and tried to look for her, she smoothly took out the hard drive and brought it to the Slough House, thus proving that she is quite capable.

Why was Shirley sent to the Slough House?

River later came back to the Slough House and wondered if Shirley has brought that footage or not. Upon learning that she did, he acknowledged that she is a valuable addition to the team and questioned what she is doing at Slough House.

Shirley explained that she got sent here for punching her case officer. She gave the first punch because he made a pass at her.

The second punch brought her here. She delivered that second punch when the officer said that she hits like a girl. After that second punch, the officer wasn’t able to get back on his feet anymore.

Who is Shirley Dander? Slow Horses character explained 1
Shirley shares with River why she got transferred to Slough House

So far, Shirley’s character suggests that she has anger issues, but at the same time, she is quite bold and highly skilled. She hates nonsensical conversations Roddy usually engages in and likes to get straight to the point.

She sits at the table opposite to Roddy’s and usually spends time tolerating his nature, which according to her resembles that of a seven-year-old kid.

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