Who is Sebastian in Fate: The Winx Saga season 2?

Sebastian is the latest addition to the roster of fairies and specialists in The Winx Saga’s sophomore installment. Who starts off as an unremarkable side character, however, soon devolves into one of the biggest antagonists of the live-action Fate universe.

At the start of The Winx Saga season 2, Silva escapes the morbid fate looming over his head by breaking free of the captivity, thanks to Bloom and her friends.

Following his escapade, the only trusted roof he can find refuge under belongs to his old friend Sebastian, who graciously welcomes him and keeps him safe from the surveilling eyes of Andreas. However, the one exuding the minimum amount of red flags turns out to be the big villain of the season.

Sebastian is a Blood Witch, with a quest for vengeance and resurrecting his brethren who all died long ago.

A most clever foe

Sebastian is hiding in plain sight all along, with no one detecting a speck of suspicious dirt on him. By the time Bloom catches on, a lot has transpired and lives are lost.

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Bloom confronts the Blood Witch head-on but he escapes unharmed. However, not before he gives Bloom a teaser for her past, her parents — the answers to all her questions that have triggered so much of the plot points and progression.

Sebastian uses his knowledge of Bloom’s past to both keep her wrath at bay and strike a deal with her later on. Serving as great leverage, Bloom’s past serves as a great tool for Sebastian, until it doesn’t. However, his clever plan only fails because of external and unaccounted factors, not because his strategy is incompetent.

Sebastian the winx saga
Sebastian’s last confrontation with Bloom/Image source: Netflix

No, Sebastian is anything but incompetent. He single-handedly leads the Blood Witches, plants moles inside Alfea, launches a successful attack on the school, and one-ups everyone in the process until the plot inevitability kicks in and he tastes defeat.

Even the cold, calculated, and cryptic Rosalind fails to nab or kill Sebastian. Her last strategy against him even backfires so bad it gets her burnt to a crisp and die.

Sebastian, Aster Dell and righting the wrongs

In the fifth episode of Fate: The Winx Saga season 2, Sebastian reveals to Bloom what his plan entails and what he wants from her.

It’s the great power inside Bloom that he wants for himself. The Dragon Flame will be powerful enough for Sebastian to never need any other fairy magic. However, why does he need the Dragon Flame?

The answer to that becomes clear in the fifth episode when he reveals that he’s from Aster Dell too. The people of Aster Dell, including his dad who found Bloom and brought her to the village, were all killed by Rosalind.

Rosalind, like Sebastian’s father, were zealots who had been fighting an ancient war. This is most likely the reason why Sebastian’s father brought Bloom to Aster Dell, as she had the Dragon Flame which could turn the tides of any war.

However, upon learning of this development, Rosalind wasted no time to reduce the entire village full of her enemies, to ashes.

Sebastian wants the Dragon Flame to “right the wrongs” of Aster Dell, to undo Rosalind’s genocide that she exacted on his village, killing all the residents in one cruel fell swoop.

To do this, Sebastian needs to resurrect the Aster Dell populace and bring them back to life. However, resurrecting the dead is no casual feat. One has to, as is the general case with most fictional works, deal with the devil or something akin to that.

A deal with the devil

As per Beatrix’s revelation, Sebastian finds out a similar method for resurrection in one of the ancient texts. While it’s not the devil he needs to call upon, it’s a similarly diabolical entity called Shadow.

Shadow dwells in the Realm of Darkness — a world beyond the Otherworld and the First world, rife with perils and horrors of the unknown. Shadow is a powerful entity that can bring the dead back to life.

Shadow fate the winx saga Netflix
Shadow materializing in the season finale/Image source: Netflix

However, to call upon shadow, one must open a portal/conduit to the Realm of Darkness, which requires a great amount of magic. This is where Bloom’s Dragon Dlame enters the picture, for it is a magic so mighty it can suffice in opening up the portal with ease.

Opening up the portal to the Realm of Darkness isn’t the only reason for Sebastian to have it, though. In fact, he had already extracted enough magic from the fairies to open it without the Dragon flame.

However, as Bloom theorizes, he might’ve needed it to keep anyone who wants to close the portal at bay while it remains open and he can see his plan to completion.

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