Who is Saracen? She-Hulk character explained

Saracen is one of the supervillains that Jen meets while he’s trying to better himself at the retreat with Emil Blonsky. The character is played by Terrence Clowe.

Jen gets a call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer who asks for her assistance when he has to go and check an abnormality regarding Blonksy’s inhibitor device. She’s in a bit of an anxious mood since she hasn’t heard from Josh since they slept together for the first time.

Jen spent the first few days of the week going out with him and texting back and forth but ever since he spent Thursday night at her place, there’s been no sign of him and Jen begins to worry. She ends up spending her Sunday dealing with the Blonsky problem.

Working on his delusion

Jen roams around the retreat grounds on her own after completely ignoring Blonsky’s attempts to connect with her. She finally gets a single bar on her phone after entering a barn where the residents have their sharing circle.

This is where she first meets Saracen, who believes that he is a vampire according to Blonsky. Saracen is the first person to point out that Man-Bull and El Aguila’s relationship is based on co-dependency and appears quite unhealthy in this situation.

Who is Saracen? She-Hulk character explained 1
Saracen takes part in group as Jen gets work done in the background

When Wrecker suggest that Jen was ghosted by Josh, Saracen gives the alternate suggestion that maybe Josh just wanted her blood to which Man-Bull tells him to stop talking about wanting blood because not everyone is his father.

It points to Saracen possibly having some daddy issues but that line also acts as an inside joke for the audience in particular because that is exactly what Josh wanted, a sample of her blood.

Saracen in the comics

Saracen is a mercenary for hire and travels the world working for corrupt governments or specific officials and carrying out their wishes. His real name is Muzzafar Lambert and he is said to be from an undisclosed Arabian country.

The character of Saracen was created by Mike Baron and Erik Larsen and made his first appearance in The Punisher Vol. 2, #22.

Who is Saracen? She-Hulk character explained 2
Saracen is just a regular mercenary for hire in the comics

Saracen is a skilled assassin and is most commonly seen facing up against the Punisher. During one run, he goes by the alter ego, Colonel Hawk, as he works undercover for the governments of Zukistan and Israel.

During one of their battles, Saracen ends up getting dismembered and impaled by the Punisher.

In an alternate universe, Saracen is actually a superhero and a member of the Royal Avengers.

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