Who is Ruby? Shantaram character explained

Lin’s desperation for medicine brought him to Khader Khan, who directed him to Ruby, a woman who can deliver those, but she doesn’t look at the world the way Lin does. Ruby is played by Monique Kalmar.

Lin finally finds a new life in Sagar Wada as a doctor for the people around here. He still sees this as a punishment, as this place caught fire because of his struggle with one of Zhou’s men.

That same fire saw a kid lose his mother that night. Lin holds himself responsible for this, and somewhere believes that he owes the people of Sagar Wada.

As a doctor here, he came across a woman named Sonam, who has been visiting him for a while to get treatment.

Every time she came, he directed her to a government hospital, only to later realize that they want a bribe in order to treat Sonam.

He knew that if Sonam is not treated in time, she will succumb to her injuries and he would once again blame himself for not making the save.

Lin’s urge to help her drives him to work with Prabhu as a guide for tourists, but despite hustling, he fails to make enough money required for the medicines.

The only person he thought of at that time was Khader Khan, who knew people, and he in turn agreed to make a connection into the black market for medicinal supplies.

Khader Khan directed Abdullah to take Lin to a woman named Ruby, who might be able to provide what Lin needs.

Lin meets Ruby

Abdullah brings Lin to another jhopadpatti that is built around what looks like a factory.

He introduces Lin to Ruby, a woman with a disfigured face. Soon, Lin notices that each and every individual here suffers from a similar kind of disease.

Abdullah calls Ruby the boss of the Kala Topis, who are considered to be the best smugglers and thieves in all of Bombay.

Lin began talking to her in Hindi, and when Ruby started speaking, he realized that she is well-versed in English. She discloses that she wasn’t born like this.

There was a time she worked as a chartered accountant and had her own flat in Mahalakshmi. She offers Lin some tea and glances at his list of medicines.

Ruby Boss of Kala Topis Shantaram
Lin tries to strike a deal with Ruby

She tells him that she can get all of this but wants one lakh fifty thousand rupees for that.

Lin confesses that he doesn’t have that kind of money, hoping to make a deal, stating that the people who want this help have nowhere to turn.

A furious Ruby questions why he wants her to help these people who turned their backs on them and forced them to live like animals.

Ruby calls herself a businesswoman and makes it clear that if he brings the money, then only he can have these supplies. So Lin, with the little money he had, grabbed only a handful of antibiotics that can help Sonam for the time being.

Later on, Lin rescues Abdullah from an attack. Both Abdullah and Khader Khan were quite impressed by Lin. Khader Khan bought all the medicines Lin needed from Ruby and got them delivered to him.

This marks the end of the bargain between Lin and Ruby for now.

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