Who is Quentin? The White Lotus character explained

Quentin has arrived in Tanya’s recently shattered dream of a vacation as a saviour and a great companion, only to turn out to be quite a hedonistic man of mystery. Here’s what the show has revealed about this lover of beauty thus far.

Tanya is one of the most prominent characters in ‘The White Lotus’ series, and the majority of what makes her so beloved among the fans is her characteristic nonchalance and oblivious knack for self-attention.

After getting her heart broken by her new husband Greg — who leaves her for work amid what was supposed to be their dream vacation — Tanya found refuge in the delightful company of a really nice group of gay men.

Quentin is sort of the leader of this group, and with his nephew Jack (who claims to be heterosexual and has entered into a passionate fling with Portia), he extends his sympathies for the current state of Tanya’s marriage.

Later, he also proffers her a ride on his yacht and then a stay at the Palermo, all the while providing her with the best company she could ask for.

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However, it’s the latest offering of ‘The White Lotus’ where Tanya bears witness to a shocking revelation related to Quentin and his nephew’s relationship, and it might be the start of many more secrets about the character unravelling before the finale.

A good ear

Quentin and his group meet Tanya for the first time after her recent heartbreak at the hands of her husband Greg. While he’s away for work, she’s sulking in her morose life of failed romantic getaways and love life in general.

Quentin is quick to prop Tanya up with the exact kind of flattering words she wants to hear. He compliments her sense of style and fashion, eventually inviting her to the beach clubhouse, where he introduces her and Portia to her group and his nephew Jack.

While Jack and Portia instantly hit it off, after their flirtatious exchange of looks the last night, Quentin sits down with Tanya and hears her story. She indulges him too, telling her story from the beginning.

He proves to be a sympathetic being, listening to Tanya’s tragic life story, and deeming her a tragic queen of an opera as well. She asks if that means she’s doomed and he says it just means she’s had a lot of bad luck.

A great company

Along with a great ear, Quentin is also a great company and very inviting. While Tanya is already grateful for him providing her with a much-needed distraction, he offers her another invitation.

This time, he invites her to a boat via which they’ll go to his villa in Palermo. Tanya accepts the invitation and on the boat ride, asks him just how an Englishman came to be living in Italy.

He tells her that his father lived in Sicily and later on died, leaving him a villa and its never-ending upkeep. At the villa, Quentin harkens back to the parallel he previously drew between Tany and a tragic queen in a Puccini opera.

He then tells her that they’re going to an opera, where Madame Butterfly will be shown. They go there and Tanya has a great time bawling at the tragic and beautiful show.

A foul player

Throughout the tremendous charity that he extends towards Tanya, Quentin has been seemingly a normal, very friendly guy.

There isn’t really anything off about him, and his generous and kind-hearted acts only make him better in Tanya’s eyes, who also takes relief in the fact that he’s rich. That way, she won’t have to worry about them being with her only for her money.

However, there are some suspicious things that Quentin keeps exhibiting and saying, which makes the shocking revelation at the end of episode 5 a bit easier to contend with.

Quentin has been obsessed with beauty, also asking Tanya if she’s ready to die for beauty as he is. This weird obsession is congruent to his incestuous relationship with his nephew Jack, given they’re indeed an uncle-nephew duo.

Given Tanya’s fortunes, and Greg’s absence, with the tarot card reader’s ominous foretelling to boot, Quentin’s too-good-to-be-true person does have a shocking side that Tanya has become aware of now.

Although if the shocking revelation ends up amounting to anything, or what the dynamic of Portia and Jack are, along with Tanya’s next steps, are all ponderings up for the show to answer in future.

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