Who is Nam Han-jun in Cafe Minamdang?

Cafe Minamdang is comedy-crime series about Nam Han-jun and his team as they solve cases for monetary gain. The series is streaming on Netflix.

The CEO of a hotel calls Nam Han-jun to assist her search for a new general manager but he ends up revealing that her colleague, Ko Ju-won is a criminal who harassed a former employee and caused her to commit suicide. So who exactly is this Nam Han-jun.

The rising star of Daen-gu

Nam Han-jun proclaims to be a shaman who contacts the spirits to solve people’s problems for a nominal fee. He works out of the Cafe Minamdang where any client needs to make a reservation first to meet him.

Who is Nam Han-jun in Cafe Minamdang? 1
The trio of Nam Han-jun, Nam Hye-jun and Su-cheol

In reality, Han-jun is actually a former criminal profiler who has brilliant observational skills and is great at deductive reasoning. He also has help from his brother and sister.

His sister is Nam Hye-jun, who worked for the National Intelligence Service and provides him with all kinds of information and video surveillance, and his brother is Su-cheol is good at tracking down people and other things and is the muscle of the operation.

His unclear past

Lieutenant Han Jae-hui¬†doesn’t buy into Han-jun’s shaman persona and tries to investigate him further. She also has doubts that he’s the same person involved in a previous case of hers, something that she might be right about.

Who is Nam Han-jun in Cafe Minamdang? 2
Nam Han-jun has a chequered past

In the epilogue, it is revealed that there was an incident that might connect the two and that Han-jun was very distressed following that incident.

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