Who is Mother Mayhem? Titans character explained

A new threat arises in the form of Mother Mayhem for the Titans in season 4 as they foray into the realm of magic once again.

After beating the Scarecrow’s plan, the Titans are headed back to San Francisco when they’re invited to Metropolis by Superman. Conner is excited to meet one of his fathers but when they get there, Superman is called away on urgent business.

Conner does, however, get to meet his other father, Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor sends a message to Conner about wanting to meet and Conner wants to give him a chance but Dick and Kory are sceptical about it.

They insist on doing some groundwork first so that Conner can make an informed decision about whether he should meet Lex.

Driven by desperation

Lex is earlier seen entering an ancient underground temple called the Temple of Azarath which was found with the help of an archaeologist named May Bennett.

Bennett is looking forward to exploring the secrets of the temple with Lex but he dismisses her instead. She warns him that for the power that he’s trying to claim, a price needs to be paid.

Dick and Kory find out that Lex is dying and might be wanting to use Conner’s DNA to cure himself and Kory meets another member of LexCorp’s inner circle who tells her that Lex got involved in the occult and was looking for ways to beat death itself.

When Conner is meeting with Lex, he gets honest answers about why he was created and what Lex’s intentions are. Then suddenly, Lex begins coughing up blood and a snake slithers out of his mouth and he dies.

Who is Mother Mayhem? Titans character explained 1
May Bennett is behind Lex Luthor’s murder

Bennett is seen outside the tower, reminding Lex about the price to be paid for betraying her and trying to take the power of Azarath himself.

A show of strength

After finding out that Lex’s physician was kidnapping people and draining their blood, he is charged with Lex’s murder and Conner is proven innocent. On their way out of Metropolis, they are attacked by Bennett who has a slightly different appearance and a magical staff.

Who is Mother Mayhem? Titans character explained 2
Mother Mayhem attacks the Titans

She momentarily has the upper hand but is thwarted by Kory’s new powers but not before she lays a significant blow on Raven.

Bennett also manipulates Sebastian Sanger into losing his mind as she prepares him to take the mantle of Brother Blood. She’s seen chanting in the temple among several followers as Sebastian loses his grasp of reality following his mother’s death.

Mother Mayhem in the comics

Mother Mayhem is a high-ranking member of the international cult known as the Church of Blood and is the person selected to bear the next Brother Blood, the leader of the Church.

Who is Mother Mayhem? Titans character explained 3
The comic version of Mother Mayhem

May Bennett is the second Mother Mayhem following Anna Resik. Bennett is the mother to the ninth Brother Blood.

The Church of Blood infiltrates governmental institutions all around the world in a quest for power while also spreading its fanatical beliefs. They have been a regular foe of the Teen Titans.

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