Who is Minister Pandey? Shantaram character explained

Khader Khan continues to put forth efforts to befriend Minister Pandey, who is an important figure for him as the great crime lord of the city. The sixth episode of Shantaram is now streaming on Apple TV+.

After killing Rujul Aadekar for betrayal, Khader Khan needed the new minister in his pocket.

He sent Karla to meet Aakash Pandey, the minister that will replace Rujul, but she was a bit late. Walid Shah had already made his move and had bought him.

Minister Pandey is someone who is the key to Sagar Wada, a jhopadpatti, both the crime lords wish to conquer.

Walid Shah claimed to be stronger than Khader Khan as he looks forward to the future, whereas Khader Khan stays in the past owing to his code of morality.

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Khader Khan, on his side, was still sure that they can turn Minister Pandey on their side if they find out a secret he is hiding.

The credible information on Minister Pandey

The information Karla provided suggested that Minister Aakash Pandey is well respected in his community and ministry. He is a devout Hindu and has a wife of 12 years and two children.

Who is Minister Pandey? Shantaram character explained 1
Minister Pandey accepts Walid Shah’s offer

It was an arranged marriage, as he had a good career while his wife had all the money, with his father-in-law funding his whole campaign.

From the looks of it, Minister Pandey seems to be a dedicated family man, but Khader Khan likes to believe that all men have secrets, and all they need to do is dig further.

The secret of Minister Pandey

Karla and Abdullah had kept a keen eye on Pandey. Abdullah got Pandey’s driver, Gaurav, to spill the minister’s schedule by blackmailing him.

After following Pandey everywhere around, Abdullah finally saw him meeting a girl all alone. He saw them checking into a Khandala guest house and figured out that he is in love with her.

He later drops by Karla’s house to feed her all the information he had retrieved about Pandey. The girl he has been meeting, her name is Sunita, and she is not his wife.

Moving on, Khader Khan might use Pandey’s affair against him to bring him on his side in this battle against Walid Shah for Sagar Wada.

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