Who is Maks Oleksiak? Sexify season 2 character explained

In ‘Sexify’ season 2, Malgorzata Debska invests in Monika, Natalia, and Paulina’s app and sends Maks Oleksiak to work with them as an advisor.

Maks Oleksiak makes an unannounced appearance at the office of Sexify. He enters the workplace with his own card.

He walks through the company’s healthy work environment and makes his way to Monika’s office to reveal that she will have to fire some of the people working at Sexify.

As their new advisor, Maks keeps a keen eye on the activities of Sexify. He quickly points out that they are having a second shoot today when Natalia arrives at the office.

He even interrogates Natalia and notes down what she is contributing to Sexify today. When he meets Paulina, he remembers her tuition fee and assesses that as a problem too.

The girls agree they don’t want Maks around. Monika takes the responsibility of handling him while Natalia and Paulina work on the app.

Maks and Monika as a team

Monika and Maks both work differently for the company. While Monika goes all out to succeed, Maks likes to be practical.

When it comes to firing people, unlike Monika, Maks doesn’t care and sees this as one of the desperate measures to save the company. He even intends to fire Paulina as well.

Monika unwillingly fires a number of employees upon his advice. Maks assures Monika that this is one of the first right moves they have made.

He believes that they need to get real about Sexify’s situation and once again brings up the topic of firing Paulina in front of Monika.

Who is Maks Oleksiak? Sexify season 2 character explained 1
Maks and Monika fire several employees at Sexify

He brutally mentions that Paulina’s graphic design tuition costs a lot. Graphic design is one of the last areas they should be worried about. Firing Paulina is something Monika never opts to do.

Monika complains to Debska about Maks. Debska tries to convince her that he has many merits. He is irritating when it comes to procedures, but is definitely loyal.

Maks tries to change

Maks does everything he can to help Sexify. Monika, on her side, continues to feel that he is trying to sabotage the company by sharing their secrets with Debska.

During his time at Sexify, Maks learns a thing or two about the girls working on the app. He deemed them unprofessional at first. He gave them labels, and these girls proved him wrong at every turn. He admits that they have certain strengths.

Maks talks highly of them but continues to report everything to Debska. When the girls get fired from the company and fall apart, Maks takes Monika in.

They both go out for some recharging, and Maks learns from Monika how to be brave and gather the courage to break rules sometimes. The couple ends up sleeping together.

Maks turns on Debska

Maks certainly knew what Debska is up to. He saw the girls grow, and Debska stole everything from them. In the end, he decided to switch sides.

At first, Maks gives Monika a heads-up on what Debska intends to do with their apps, Sexify and Sexiguy. She doesn’t care about their function. She just wants the intimate data they have collected.

She plans to sell this data to the Vertigo Funding Group, a shady corporation that is kicking Monika’s father out of the market.

Then, at the Warsaw Web Summit, he allows Natalia and Paulina to access Sexify and Sexiguy. The girls demonstrate the new ‘match’ feature of the app live with an audience.

Who is Maks Oleksiak? Sexify season 2 character explained 2
Maks allows Natalia and Paulina to use Sexify and Sexiguy

Both apps do wonders. Natalia and Paulina try to negotiate with Debska, who won’t listen to them, leaving the girls no option but to immediately delete the app and its data.

Debska looks at Maks, and he lets her know what they just did. Debska questions if he allowed them to do so. Maks admits that he did and leaves after handing her the company’s card.

At Young Juvenile’s concert, the girls celebrate their victory. Maks meets Monika there and lets her know that he turned on Debska for himself, not for her.

Monika taught him how to break rules, and he liked it. For the first time, he did the right thing instead of following the procedures. He further addressed the tension between them.

He agrees that they had a great time together, but they aren’t exactly a good match for each other. He knows it, and Monika knows it too. With that, Monika and Maks decide to remain friends for the foreseeable future.

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