Who is Kim Soo-Bin? Trolley character explained

Soo-Bin remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in Netflix’s ‘Trolley’, with the future of the story potentially hinging on her character’s progression and her connection with the main characters unfolding further.

‘Trolley’ follows Kim Hye-Joo and Nam Joong-Do, a couple with utmost integrity and kindness seeming to make the most of their genetic makeup.

However, years after their marriage, the couple is facing a surreal turn of events. Their son dies and objectionable circumstances surrounding his death blot Joong-Do’s political career.

Hye-Joo’s haunted past comes back to bite her and affect her marriage and an online harassment case leads to two deaths and a flurry of bad press and controversies that again threaten the peace of the household.

Additionally, they meet Soo-Bin, a girl who claims to be pregnant with their dead son’s baby, moving into their house with uncertainty surrounding both her claims as well as her intentions.

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A stranger knocks

Not many days pass by since Ji-Hoon’s death, when Kim Soo-Bin arrives at the house he once used to live at. His stepmother Hye-Joo receives this new guest and her introductory words don’t quite reach the Assemblyman’s wife at first.

When she asks to come again, Soo-Bin says “I’m pregnant with Ji-Hoon’s baby”. Although having heard it clearly this time, Hye-Joo is visibly confounded and a simultaneously uneasy expression comes over her face.

Following her arrival, Hye-Joo has a hard time registering all of it and she gradually, with the help of Yeo-Jin, interrogates Soo-Bin and learns what her story is. She claims to be the mother of the unborn child of Ji-Hoon that grows inside of her.

Yeo-Jin and Hye-Joo present their doubts over the legitimacy of her claims, but Soo-Bin is confident and even pulls out proof of her pregnancy, albeit none of them are all that concrete.

An unwelcome guest

Hye-Joo later familiarizes Joong-Do with the unprecedented situation and he tries to bluntly put his suspicions in front of Soo-Bin as well. Meanwhile, the pregnant girl demands that she lives in their house.

When there’s an understandable protest and reluctance to her demands, she blackmails Joong-Do by threatening the public with her pregnancy.

With all the recent controversies and shame that Joong-Do’s political career has had to bear of late, this new development would be the final nail in the coffin.

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Fortunately, Hye-Joo convinces her husband to keep the girl in their house, saying she believes her claims. Others are not as trusting, though, with Joong-Do always wearing a rather unseemly expression whenever he comes across her.

Additionally, his assistant Woo-Jae is perhaps the coldest to her, with him one day getting a bit physical with her too. The family also gets her to get tested for drug use, which she volunteers for before they even ask her.

Uncertain future & intentions

Soo-Bin remains a mystery so far in the show. Her claims do seem somewhat believable, with Hye-Joo believing her (because she sees her sharing a rather striking similarity with the girl — both got pregnant really young and have no parents).

Meanwhile, even Yeo-Jin has also warmed up to her a lot, with Joong-Do and Yoon-Seo remaining colder to her. Amidst all this, Soo-Bin’s real intentions and past haven’t been delved into thus far.

She acts suspiciously uncertain when it comes to her baby; she wants to have it sometimes, and sometimes not. In the very latest episode, she even visits a doctor and asks her if an abortion can be arranged, although she’s not shown to make a surefire decision yet.

There are also some suspicious things going on between her and Joong-Do, who remains uncharacteristically unkind to her, even when Hye-Joo and Yeo-Jin aren’t anymore. What’s more, is that he seems to approach her room one day, only to withdraw and go back to his room.

There are questions making rounds online, regarding the nature of the relationship, if there are any at all, the two have. Additionally, Soo-Bin also seems to be connected to some shady people, or at the very least, has come across some shady people at some point.

Her relationship with Ji-Hoon and a possible connection to his death is unclear as of yet, but signs like her fear of some people in the middle of the street and her cryptic tattoo, all point towards a story much deeper and lengthier than what it seems to be on the surface.

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