Who is Kavita? Shantaram character explained

Lin is once again forced to relocate as a journalist named Kavita is on his tail to cover his story and dig deep into who he really is. The character is played by Sujaya Dasgupta.

Lin met Kavita for the first time at Reynaldo’s when he was new to Bombay. She was introduced as Vikram’s sister who works as a journalist.

After the first meeting, they never really crossed paths until Lin became a hero of Sagar Wada and came back to join his friends at Reynaldo’s.

Lin disclosed what he is up to, and Kavita became quite interested in the story he has to offer as the doctor of the slums, helping the poor. The one thing the government isn’t doing, a gora is.

Desperate for a big break, she really wanted to cover this story and asked her boyfriend, Nishant, to pitch this to his editor.

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What she didn’t know is the fact that she is about to uncover a lot of secrets that Lin has tried to keep away from his friends in Bombay in the hopes of starting a new life here.

Does Kavita know what Lin is hiding?

As Lin’s friend, she gladly approached him in Sagar Wada and asked whether she can cover his adventures. Afraid that this news will expose him and bring him under the radar of cops, Lin got spooked out.

Lin took her camera’s roll and threw it away while she tried to photograph him. A skeptical Kavita walked away wondering why he doesn’t want this story to be told.

She inquired about him and his passport number under a hospital’s name by calling a passport office in Auckland. The office informed her that Lindsay Ford has been dead for the past six years.

Who is Kavita? Shantaram character explained 1
Kavita learns the truth about Lin’s passport

Kavita hung up, believing that there is a bigger story to cover.

The next day, Lin approached her and brought Prabhu along to convince her why he doesn’t want her to cover this story. They tried to reason that Sagar Wada will be crushed if Lin’s adventures become a news item.

Kavita agreed and played along to make sure Lin stays so that she can investigate further. Lin, on the other hand, knows Kavita is eager to make her mark and decides to get himself a new passport and leave.

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