Who is Jin Yoo-hui? Remarriage & Desires character explained

Jin Yoo-hui is the primary antagonist of Remarriage & Desires and an absolutely despicable character who’s willing to cross any line to get what she wants. The character is played by Jung Yoo-jin.

Jin Yoo-hui is a well-written character that is portrayed perfectly by Jung Yoo-jin. Yoo-hui is vindictive and hates with a passion and throughout the series, consistently makes the audience hate her with her actions.

Here’s a deeper look at Jin Yoo-hui.

Making enemies

It is established early on that greed plays a big part in Yoo-hui’s life. She has an affair with Kang Nam-sik in a bid to use him as the sacrificial lamb while she embezzles money from their company.

Who is Jin Yoo-hui? Remarriage & Desires character explained 1
Yoo-hui feigned ignorance with Kang Nam-sik

But her efforts are so authentic that Nam-sik decides to get a divorce and live a life with her instead. She’s forced to backtrack and accuses him of rape to get the attention off of her, leading to his suicide.

This leads to a rivalry with Seo Hye-seung, Kang Nam-sik’s wife, who believes that her husband was just unfaithful and not a criminal, and who wishes that Yoo-hui suffers in equal measure for all the pain that she has put Hye-seung through.

Her pursuit of an ideal life

Jin Yoo-hui then joins the REX marriage agency, the most high-profile agency in the city, so that she can bag herself a wealthy husband who will cater to her every need. She sets her eyes on Lee Hyung-su, the CEO of a successful gaming company.

However, there are several obstacles in her path, like Hye-seung, who was forced to join the agency by her mother but uses the opportunity to foil Yoo-hui’s attempts at connecting with Hyung-su.

Who is Jin Yoo-hui? Remarriage & Desires character explained 2
Yoo-hui hated Hye-seung with a passion

She also faces competition from Jung Mi-jin, a professor whose mother is Go Ae-ran, the right-hand woman of a congressman who uses her influence to curry favour with the CEO of REX.

Yoo-hui is the illegitimate daughter of that very same congressman and she wields this information as a weapon with which to improve her standing with the REX CEO.

Her true goal in life

After being embarrassed in front of everyone by Hye-seung and Hyung-su, she makes it her life’s mission to bring them down to their knees by any means necessary.

Who is Jin Yoo-hui? Remarriage & Desires character explained 3
Yoo-hui confronts Congressman Son Pil-young

She reaches out to her father, Congressman Son Pil-young, to help her with this task. She promises to disappear and not cause a disturbance in his run for president as long as he helps her.

When Hye-seung learns of her parentage and crafts an elaborate plot that finally sends Jin Yoo-hui to jail along with the congressman, Yoo-hui realizes that she hated her father for abandoning her and while she dreamt of taking him down as well, somewhere along the way she had prioritised other goals over this primal hatred.

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