Who is Han Jae-hui in Cafe Minamdang?

Han Jae-hui is one of the main leads of Cafe Minamdang and is played by Oh Yeon-seo. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Detective Jang Du-jin and Detective Kim are part of the Major Crimes Division and are waiting for their latest recruit when a woman clad in all-black leather walks in. She eventually introduces herself as Lieutenant Han Jae-hui, their new team leader. So who exactly is Han Jae-hui?

The ghost of Yongjin police station

As soon as Jang hears her name, he tries to remember where he’s heard it before and realizes that she’s the same Jae-hui who is known as the ghost of Yongjin police station.

Who is Han Jae-hui in Cafe Minamdang? 1
Jae-hui takes down the drug cartel

When the rookie detective asks Jang why she got that name, he explains that when the drug squad of Yongjin went to investigate the South Asian drug cartel they were captured. Jae-hui went their all by herself to rescue her team and took them all down single-handedly.

The way she moved made people doubt whether she was a ghost or a human. He also said that once she targets a case, she goes after it like a ghost.

Dedicated to the job

Han Jae-hui is known to be a righteous, committed detective who always upholds the law. She was moved to the last division because she blew the whistle at her previous posting, which ended with many corrupt high officials getting sacked.

Who is Han Jae-hui in Cafe Minamdang? 2
Jae-hui is a workaholic who doesn’t stop

She takes her work home and proves to be very effective as is shown by the fact that she solved an old unresolved case within 24 hours of joining the division.

She doesn’t exactly trust Nam Han-jun and questions whether he can actually contact the spirits. She is also focused on catching someone connected to an old case that she was involved in.

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