Who is Daybreak? Spy x Family character explained

Twilight notices an amateur spy, going by the name of Daybreak, intervening during his mission at Eden Academy and realizes that he is after the papers of Desmond’s kids.

Confident that Anya won’t pass her mid-term exams, Loid as Twilight breaks into the Eden Academy to tamper with the exam papers.

He disguises himself as a teacher but soon puts a pause on his mission when he sees another spy with unusual moves, which are nothing but a show-off, doing exactly what he had planned to do.

The identity of the unknown spy

The spy is introduced as Daybreak, hired by an unknown organization to forge a particular student’s exam papers.

He chose Daybreak as his name in order to challenge Twilight as the rising star who could defeat him by climbing up the ranks of his organization.

Who is Daybreak? Spy x Family character explained 1
Daybreak breaks into the Eden Academy

Turns out, tampering with exam papers is the very first mission of Daybreak, and he is already messing things up by performing all the unnecessary moves.

Though Twilight sees Daybreak as a rookie, he acknowledged his nerve to pass through the guards smoothly without noticing.

Still, at the end of the day, Daybreak ends up making amateur mistakes, and Twilight covers up for him to figure out what he is up to and which organization he is working for.

Is Daybreak working for Donovan Desmond?

Twilight follows Daybreak into the building where exam papers are kept. He even helps him with a fake ID to get him past the guard. He further notices that Daybreak has written his mission on his hand.

There is a mention of two student numbers that belong to the sons of Donovan Desmond. Twilight wonders if Daybreak is here to forge the papers of Desmond’s sons.

He continues to play along and gets intentionally knocked out by Daybreak. Twilight observes as Daybreak works on the papers of Desmond’s kids and notices how desperate he is to make his mark.

Who is Daybreak? Spy x Family character explained 2
Twilight observes Daybreak

Amidst this desperation, when Daybreak thinks of making a mistake as stupid as leaving his autograph on these papers, Twilight intervenes.

Twilight regrets doing it but vows not to tell anyone about him, but Daybreak over here wants the opposite. He wants people to know his name and how successful he is.

So he does not harm Twilight and leaves after successfully forging the papers. Twilight takes a look at them and realizes that Daybreak has made sure that Desmond’s kids will fail the exam.

Twilight assumes that he is working for a rival organization that is against Desmond. For the sake of his mission, Twilight changes the answers back to the original ones.

On the result day, while Desmond’s kids pass the exams, Daybreak gets fired after his very first mission.

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