Who is Cihan? Shahmaran character explained

In Shahmaran, while Maran’s family keeps an eye on Shahsu at her house, Shahsu’s colleague, Cihan, looks after her when she is at the university, away from them.

Professor Tutku introduces Shahsu to Cihan, her entertaining and free-spirited assistant. He was busy singing in his own world while they came looking for him.

Professor Tutku wants Shahsu and Cihan to work together on a project. Cihan admires Shahsu and doesn’t shy away from flirting with her.

When Shahsu’s grandfather, Davut, suspects that Maran has been visiting Shahsu at night, Maran pays her college a visit and learns that she has been hanging out with Cihan a lot.

Cihan drops her home, and he waves hello to Maran. Cihan does know Maran’s family, and the look on Maran’s face suggests that they don’t like each other at all.

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Cihan reveals himself to be a basilisk

A basilisk sent by Lilith, Shahmaran’s sister, comes looking for Shahsu at the university. Bike senses the danger and calls Diba, who is at the university, to inform her about the threat.

Diba sees Shahsu following that basilisk and leaves to rescue her. Cihan notices them, and he too starts following Shahsu, who ends up facing the basilisk in his snake form.

Who is Cihan? Shahmaran character explained 1
Cihan confronts Diba

Shahsu freaks out and tries to escape the place. Cihan comes to her aid, comforts her, and calms her down.

Once she leaves, he confronts Diba with his basilisk eyes and asks her to stay away from Shahsu when she is on the school grounds. The university is where he takes care of her.

Cihan is revealed to be Lakmu’s son. He plays his part in protecting Shahsu, but eventually gets manipulated by Lilith. He plans to take Shahsu to Anavarza to Lilith. Maran manages to make it in time to stop him.

Cihan’s hate for Maran

Maran’s family is waiting for a prophecy to come true that will restore the balance between humans and basilisks.

Lakmu somewhere feels that they should also listen to other basilisk factions, who are not happy with what humans have done to the earth. Maybe these factions are right about stealing the world away from them.

Ural makes it clear that they will follow the prophecy, and if Lakmu is not up for the job, they will find someone else.

Cihan, on his side, has no problem with the prophecy; he is a true believer, but he doesn’t like that they always submit to Maran’s family.

Cihan gets punished for attempting to take Shahsu to the Anavarza. According to him, the one who should be punished is Maran. He never believed in this prophecy, and he never did anything for the basilisks.

Cihan continues to hate Maran toward the end. He doesn’t like the idea of him getting stronger once the prophecy is fulfilled. Though his father assures him that Maran will be at a great loss after that, Cihan continues to get in Maran’s way.

In the end, Cihan fails to stop Maran. Shahsu and Maran genuinely fall for each other. They seal their union once Shahsu unlocks her powers and accepts the prophecy.

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