Who is Choi Ki-Young? Trolley character explained

Ki-Young remains the only level-headed member of the family of three that poses a great threat to Hye-Joo and her family. Here’s what his connection to the Assemblyman’s wife is.

‘Trolley’ is a Kdrama rife with compelling characters who all have a complex and a guaranteed painful story to tell.

The narrative of the show weaves in a lot of these characters who are driven by their past traumas and experiences and whose storylines intersect with the main plotline continuosly.

While Hye-Joo and her friend-turned-enemy Seung-Hee, as well as their relationship of the past have been delved into in quite some detail, Ki-Young and his past with Hye-Joo has remained an elusive mystery.

That is until the latest episode where Joong-Do’s suspicions regarding Ki-Young and Hye-Joo’s dynamic being confirmed to be somewhat true.

Background check

Choi Ki-Young is Seung-Hee’s husband. He was also a fellow student at the same high school where Hye-Joo and Seung-Hee studied at. In fact, it’s revealed in the eighth episode that he used to sit next to Hye-Joo.

After school, he’d go on to enter college and immigrate to Australia. During a brief trip back to Korea, Ki-Young would meet Seung-Hee and later they’d go on to marry each other.

His marriage with Seung-Hee wouldn’t be ideal, though, thanks to his mother-in-law and his wife’s toxic and chaotic relationship with her mother.

Their marriage would hit another rough patch when Seung-Hee decided to leave Korea for further studies abroad.

Choi Ki-Young & Seung-Hee
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The real reason was more than studies, however, as she’d admit it in front of Ki-Young, telling him that she wants refuge from her mentally unstable mother who won’t stop obsessing over her dead son and neglecting her daughter.

After requesting him to stay with her mother for three years, Seung-Hee departed the country, leaving Ki-Young to deal with his cruel and apathetic mother-in-law.

Current status

Ki-Yong still lives with Lee Yoo-Sin and Seung-Hee. He works tirelessly and sincerely under his mother-in-law, who also got him the ownership of a golf school.

Being more than ideal of a husband, Ki-Young does everything Lee Yoo-Sin demands of him, and takes her crap all day long.

Seung-Hee has returned but his relationship with her is still not quite past the rough patch. In the meantime, he’s trying his best to improve the situation, especially after the Joong-Do and Hye-Joo debacle, even trying to persuade his wife not to pursue her vengeful mission against Hye-Joo.

The past

Ki-Young and Hye-Joo share a connection deeper than the surface level schoolmates that’s visibile to all. The latest episode of ‘Trolley’ sheds a bit of light on said connection.

As it happens, Ki-Young used to have a crush on Hye-Joo, while Seung-Hee had a crush on him. He would eventually muster up the courage and confess to her one day.

However, Hye-Joo would politely tell him that he never saw him as someone more than a classmate. It’s unclear if she really meant it or said that keeping in mind her best friend Seung-Hee and her crush on him.

Hye-Joo was also contending with Seung-Ho and his inappropriate and persistence advances, which would ultimately result in him molesting her. It’s also left unclear if Hye-Joo rejected Ki-Young because of her concurrent troubles with Seung-Ho.

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