Who is Aubrey? Truth Be Told season 3 character explained

In Truth Be Told season 3, Aubrey is linked to Trey when a video of him with Markus’ daughter, Trini, in a compromising position is found at Trey’s hideout. Donald Dash plays Aubrey.

Zarina first meets Aubrey at Trini’s school. She finds Aubrey and Trini kissing after coming out of a meeting that was called for parents after Drea went missing.

Trini always knew what her father would do to Aubrey if he learns who he is. He might kill her, or kill him and make her watch.

Zarina supports Trini’s relationship with Aubrey. Even Markus does. Aubrey is soon invited for a dinner at their residence.

During the conversation at dinner, Markus acknowledges how important freedom is to kids. At the same time, he reminds them what independence here in Oakland means. It requires a deal with the devil.

How did Trini and Aubrey start dating?

After dinner, Zarina talks to Trini alone in her bedroom. She admits that Aubrey is crazy about her; the way he looks at Trini and doesn’t care who sees him tells everything.

Who is Aubrey? Truth Be Told season 3 character explained 1
Aubrey and Trini get caught together at school

Trini remembers feeling that he is watching her. She always assumed that he was looking at someone right behind her. It turns out that he only had eyes on her.

She finally snapped at him one day and asked what was wrong. Aubrey was intimidated by her. He was figuring out how to not do that and ask her out. While Trini imagines him being intimidated by her, Zarina falls asleep after hearing their story.

Aubrey and Trini’s video on Trey’s laptop

Poppy and Markus learn that someone named Trey might be behind Drea’s murder. They track him down with a little help from Aames. Upon arriving at his hideout, Aames arrests one of Trey’s girls, Rochelle, and Poppy comes across Trey’s laptop.

The device is full of videos featuring couples getting intimate with each other. One of the videos features Aubrey and Trini. Markus gets furious after watching that video. He storms out to confront Rochelle but is advised to go home and talk to Zarina and Trini.

Trini clarifies that she didn’t know that she was being recorded when she was with Aubrey.

She defends her boyfriend, claiming that he would never do such a thing to her without her consent. Markus, worried about his daughter, shouts at her and starts putting restrictions on her.

Markus confronts Aubrey

Zarina comforts Trini and asks Markus to use his rage somewhere else. She advises him to go to Aubrey and figure out if he has something to do with Trey.

Markus goes to Aubrey’s with Aames. He immediately gets into Aubrey’s face and questions him about the video. Aubrey admits that he did shoot that video, but calls it just a stupid guy thing.

Who is Aubrey? Truth Be Told season 3 character explained 2
Aubrey is asked about the videotape featuring him and Trini

Though Aubrey claims that he didn’t share this video with anyone else, Markus doesn’t believe him. He tells him and his parents that he found this video at a pimp’s hideout and inquires if Aubrey knows Trey.

Aubrey says he doesn’t. With Aubrey’s parents by Aubrey’s side, Markus and Aames are left with no option but to leave and find a different way to track down how that video made its way to Trey’s laptop.

Aubrey’s connection with Trey

After talking to one of Trey’s girls, Poppy learns about a camp for underprivileged kids where Trey used to work. She visits the camp with Aames to learn more about Trey.

Aubrey and Aames talk to the camp leader. He calls Trey by the name Jimmy. Trey worked as a counselor at this camp. According to the camp leader, Trey had a gift for bonding with children.

They fired Trey for knocking out the activities director. Trey certainly had some anger management issues. The camp leader shows Poppy and Aames a picture of Trey.

The same picture also features Aubrey. It turns out that Aubrey lied about not knowing Trey. Apparently, Aubrey volunteered to work at this same camp as a junior counselor. Trey took him under his wing.

Markus knew he was right about Aubrey. He decides not to waste time and tell Trini who Aubrey is, but when he goes to Trini’s room, he finds her missing. Trini is out there with Aubrey, and Trey is the one who is driving them somewhere.

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