Who is Andre? Freeridge character explained

In Freeridge, before dealing with Demi and his feelings for her, Cam finds himself confronting his boyfriend, Andre, who goes above and beyond to heal him. The character is played by Zaire Adams.

Cam’s boyfriend, Andre, is lively, charismatic, and open. While Cam starts feeling that his relationship with Andre isn’t working anymore, Andre, on the other hand, starts believing that something else is threatening their bond.

Andre fails to see the signs Cam is giving that suggest that he wants to break up, but, at the same time, he does notice the scar that is definitely bothering him.

Andre helps Cam and Demi

Though Andre and Cam are not shown much together and their relationship is not explored enough, Andre certainly knows when Cam’s hiding something.

Andre immediately figures out that someone from his past has scarred him for life. He assumes that this is the reason they are not getting along anymore.

Who is Andre? Freeridge character explained 1
Cam and Demi join Andre’s show

Andre’s guess later turns out to be true when Cam admits it on Andre’s show, ‘It’s a Brand New Dre’, without revealing this person’s name, who is none other than Demi. The topic does ignite a fight between Cam and Demi, which Andre later learns about.

Andre loves Demi and her friendship with his boyfriend, Cam. Demi worked as a cohost on Andre’s podcast. When Demi and Cam’s friendship fell apart, Andre stood up for them.

During the party at Gloria and Ines’ house, he locks Cam and Demi in a room with drinks in their hands, which are tied. He doesn’t let them come out until they solve their differences.

Unfortunately, when they do resolve their differences, they kiss, and Andre witnesses this. He pretends to pass out after realizing that Demi was the girl Cam was hung up on. He stands back up and wastes no time in leaving that party.

Andre’s influence

Andre shares this event with his fans, who he likes to call his Dre-niacs, on a special Sunday edition of his show. Andre’s confession soon starts having an impact on Cam and Demi’s lives.

Dre’s fans and the students at the school start making fun of Cam and Demi. The only way he suggests they can fix this is by having a confrontation on his show.

Demi does join Andre’s show, and she gives all the reasons why Cam would’ve broken up with Andre anyway. Upon realizing that Demi isn’t the reason why his and Cam’s relationship fell apart, Andre forgives Demi and starts being cold solely toward Cam.

Why did Cam leave Andre?

Cam tries to mold his friendship with Andre after Demi’s revelation. He clarifies that he wasn’t pretending to be in love with him. The reason he couldn’t muster up the courage to tell Andre is that he is bad at things.

Andre is so authentically him, and he is open to the whole world. It’s amazing, but for Cam, it’s intimidating because he doesn’t know how to be his true self. Unlike Andre, Cam hasn’t figured it all out about who he is.

On Andre’s side, even he spent a lot of time wondering whether Cam liked him or not. After their breakup, he came to the conclusion that he doesn’t like Cam either.

Andre is a stage-five clinger

Not long after Cam’s confession, Andre quickly finds love in the form of Benji, the new tech guy for Andre’s show. Cam suspects that they started dating way before their breakup.

Cam follows Andre around, but not to expose him. Instead, he asks Andre to be his friend again because he doesn’t like the idea of not being liked by someone. Andre considers this to be his problem and flatly dismisses him.

Who is Andre? Freeridge character explained 2
Andre realizes that he is a stage-five clinger

A while later, Andre comes to Demi and Cam, complaining that he wants to break up with Benji, who has invited Andre to meet his parents for Thanksgiving dinner.

Demi and Cam wonder why Andre now wants to part ways with Benji. Andre claims that Benji is a stage-five clinger—a person who gets overly attached quickly.

All Benji does is try to be around Andre all the time and say nice things to him. When Cam points out that this behavior sounds familiar, Andre realizes that he was a stage-five clinger too when he was with Cam.

Andre passes out for a few seconds and finds himself in the same position Cam was in. He is now lost, trying to figure out a way to break up with Benji.

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