Who are the Djinn (ClanDestine) from Ms Marvel?

In episode 3, Kamala Khan learns a little bit more about the true origin of her superpowers and the Djinn. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.

Kamala is saved from the DODC by Kamran and his mother and together they explain to her how and why she got her powers and a little more about her great grandmother, Aisha.

Trying to get back home

Kamran’s mother, Najma tells Kamala how she and Aisha along with the others, Fariha, Saleem and Aadam, belong to another dimension and were exiled to live in this one. They were told that they need two bangles to get back home and found one in the 1940s before Aisha was separated from the others.

Who are the Djinn (ClanDestine) from Ms Marvel? 1
Aisha puts on the bangle for the first time

When Kamala put on the bangle, the others were made aware of her presence and realized that they have another shot at getting home. She explains that they’ve been called many things over the years, but they’re most commonly known as Djinn in this world and Clandestines back in their dimension.

They ask Kamala for her help and she tells them that she’ll try and learn more about the bangle so that she can.

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Crashing the party

After having a chat with Bruno about interdimensional travel, Kamala tells Kamran that she may need more time because sending his mother back home might be dangerous if it’s not done right.

Najma finds out and reveals that she’s not willing to wait any longer. She will force Kamala to help her if that’s the only way.

Who are the Djinn (ClanDestine) from Ms Marvel? 2
Najma grabs hold of the bangle as it lights up

The Djinn head to Aamir’s reception but Kamran gets there first to warn Kamala. She gets her family out but is chased by the Djinn and fights back with some help from Kamran and Bruno.

Just as it looks like Kamala is cornered, Agent Deever and the DODC arrive and take down the Djinn and detain them.

In the comics

A slightly different version that calls itself the Clan Destine appears in the comics. They are a family of super-powered individuals born to Adam Destine and his partner, a Djinn named Elalyth.

Who are the Djinn (ClanDestine) from Ms Marvel? 3
The original ClanDestine

The family are morally ambiguous and has served on both sides of the fight between good and evil depending on the circumstances. Over several centuries there have been many members of the family who have passed their abilities down from generation to generation.

They were created in 1994 by British writer/artist Alan Davis.

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