Who are Diego & Becky? Sky Rojo season 3 characters explained

In Sky Rojo season 3, after battling evil people all their lives, Wendy and Coral finally meet Diego and Becky, two people who only want the good for everyone.

Wendy and Greta cross paths with Diego while running away from Darwin and Beefcake. In his classic car, Diego feels like a laid-back guy who doesn’t pay much attention to their fake story. He agrees to help immediately.

Wendy lies about Greta twisting her ankle while hiking and asks if they can drop by his house as they also have to change the diaper of Gina’s baby.

On their way, Diego does question their fabricated story, but for some reason he buys it. When Diego’s car stops midway, he goes out to check on the carburetor and reveals to them what he does.

He buys classic cars, repairs their old parts, and restores them. He considers himself an environmentalist who prefers recycling.

Wendy and Greta meet Becky

Upon arriving at his garage, Diego introduces the girls to Becky, who instantly starts suspecting their story. Wendy notices Diego’s love for martial arts and uses the same to bring him close.

Diego gets along well with Wendy, but he decides to be honest. He confesses that his sister, Becky, wants them to leave. The revelation that she is his sister came as a surprise, as the girls initially thought Becky is his girlfriend.

Who are Diego & Becky? Sky Rojo season 3 characters explained 1
Diego and Becky suspect Wendy and Greta

This encourages Wendy to flirt with Diego further so that they can stay there for the night and avoid Darwin and Beefcake. Wendy continues to push her fake story around Greta, who gets sick of this and confronts Wendy in private.

They finally talk about Coral, and Greta explains why Wendy should be there for her friend no matter what. Wendy then admits her mistake and decides to fire a flare gun to signal Coral to come.

Wendy knows Darwin and Beefcake, who are looking for them, will notice the flare as well, but she already has a plan for them.

Diego and Becky join Wendy and Greta

When Diego tells Becky more about Wendy and Greta’s fake story, she becomes more convinced that these girls are lying. That’s when Darwin and Beefcake show up with guns, looking for Wendy and Greta.

Diego musters up the courage to trick Beefcake and take him down. He fails to do the same with Darwin, who knocks out Diego as well as Becky.

Wendy and Greta later take care of Darwin and Beefcake by having them walk into their trap. They spill gasoline over them and burn them alive.

Diego and Becky then join Wendy, Greta, Coral, and Moises to take Romeo down. Together, they kill him, burn his brothel down, and free the girls working there.

The show doesn’t reveal how Wendy convinced Diego and Becky to help them, but the way Coral calls them angels suggests that they agreed to do it for everyone’s good and joined them just like Greta did earlier.

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