What’s in the drive that Six finds in The Gray Man?

The drive plays a key part throughout ‘The Gray Man’ as Six tries to keep it out of the hands of Denny Carmichael, the DO of the CIA.

Six is assigned to take out an individual in Bangkok that is holding onto some information that Denny claims would be a threat to national security if it got into the wrong hands. But things go awry and Six finds himself face to face with one of his own.

Keeping it somewhere safe

After Sierra Four, Six is handed a drive that Four says contains critical information that could bring Denny down. He is also told not to trust Denny as he could be next on the list of targets.

Six lies to Denny about having the drive and then tries to access it but finds that it is encrypted. He sends it by courier to another location and while speaking to Fitzroy, he mentions that he’s sent it somewhere safe.

Dirty little secrets

After saving Six from Lloyd Hansen, Dani asks him about the drive. He says that he didn’t get a chance to see what was on it and that he sent it to Margaret Cahill, the former U.K Agency chief who’s now retired and living in Prague.

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What's in the drive that Six finds in The Gray Man? 1
Margaret always gets into an encrypted drive

The two of them go to Prague and meet up with Margaret who says that she was able to bypass the encryption. It is revealed that inside the drive was evidence of Denny carrying out unsanctioned assassinations, torture and bombings through the CIA.

What made things worse was that Denny gave those orders without any regard for collateral damage. Margaret theorises that there’s someone even more powerful pulling the strings with Denny in the front.

Dani wants to leak the information to the press but Six asks her to wait till he finds Fitzroy and Claire first. Before they can make their next move, however, they’re met with Lloyd’s hit squads.

The fate of the drive

Six manages to hold onto the drive and escape multiple hit squads in the city of Prague, but he and Dani are overpowered by the Lone Wolf assassin, Avik San, who gets away with the drive.

He hands it over to Lloyd but before his people can extract everything from it, Dani and Six lay sieges to their base and Dani recover the drive after Avik just hands it to her, calling Lloyd a dishonourable person.

What's in the drive that Six finds in The Gray Man? 2
Denny successfully covers up his misdeeds

In the end, however, she’s forced to hand over the drive to the CIA after Six makes a deal with Suzanne and Denny is later shown destroying it.

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