What is Red River? The institute seen in The Boys season 3

Red River is a name that was first mentioned in close relation to Victoria Neuman and that leads Hughie and Starlight to dig deeper into its existence.

This is the first mention of Red River in the series, although there have been references to the name in other media. Let’s take a closer look at what this place is all about.

What is Red River?

Red River is a group home which is owned by a Vought subsidiary. It houses orphan Supe children who may have come into their powers too early and don’t know how to control them.

What is Red River? The institute seen in The Boys season 3 1
A look at the different orphans housed at the institute

When Tony seeks out Victora, calling her Nadia, he brings up Red River and wants to share with the world what happened to the both of them there but she says that information cannot get out and kills him.

Notable occupants of the home

Hughie visits the home under the guise of wanting to adopt a child to get a hold of their files and learn more about Nadia. While he’s there he encounters a small child named Teddy Stillwell, the son of former Vought Vice President, Madeline Stillwell.

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What is Red River? The institute seen in The Boys season 3 2
Hughie meets Teddy Stillwell

After getting a copy of their files, it is confirmed that Victoria, born Nadia, grew up in that home after she accidentally killed her parents with her powers. As a teenager, she was unofficially adopted by Stan Edgar and has been brought up to serve Vought since then.

Among the files, he searches is a profile for Marie M., a 17-year-old supe teen who is played by actress Jaz Sinclair and who will be one of the main characters in a new spin-off of The Boys.

In other media

The comic series used Red River as a parody of US military contractor Black Water. It’s not given the same kind of focus that it receives in the web series.

What is Red River? The institute seen in The Boys season 3 3
The Red River Institute from ‘The Boys: Diabolical’ series

Red River was first made a part of The Boys Presents: Diabolical, specifically in “An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents,” the second episode of the animated anthology series.

The premise: A group of teens were dumped by their parents at Red River due to their abnormal powers. But after learning it was their parents who permitted Vought to transform them through Compound V, the kids sought revenge.

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