What is the DODC (Department of Damage Control) in Ms. Marvel?

The first two episodes of Ms Marvel have seen Kamala Khan gain her powers and also monitored by the Department of Damage Control who fear what she might be able to do. The episodes are streaming on Disney+.

This particular agency has made appearances before in the MCU and has been a part of the comics for many years, but what exactly is the DODC (Department of Damage Control) and what do they do?

In Ms Marvel and the MCU

In the mid-credits scene of episode 1 of Ms. Marvel, Agent P. Cleary and Agent Sadie Deever are seen watching footage of Kamala using her powers at AvengerCon and agree that she needs to be brought in.

What is the DODC (Department of Damage Control) in Ms. Marvel? 1
Agent Cleary and Agent Deever watching a video from AvengerCon

In the next episode, their questioning of Zoe Zimmer leads them to believe that the powered individual is possibly South Asian and organises their search accordingly. After Kamala manages to save the falling boy, she runs away and comes face to face with them for a brief moment before escaping them with the help of Kamran and his mother.

Agent Cleary previously appeared in ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ where he questioned Peter Parker about his alleged murder of Quentin Beck (Mysterio).

What is the DODC (Department of Damage Control) in Ms. Marvel? 2
Director Hoag tells Adrian Toomes that he cannot salvage the wreckage from the battle of New York

Damage control was a subsidiary of S.H.I.E.L.D but after the battle of New York, they were made into an executive department of the United States government. Department director Anne Marie Hoag appeared in ‘Spiderman: Homecoming‘ to inform Adrian Toomes (The Vulture) and his salvage crew that under Executive Order 396-B, all clean-up would fall under Damage Control’s jurisdiction.

In the comics

Damage Control is a construction company founded by Anne Marie Hoag that specializes in repairing property damage caused by conflicts between superheroes and supervillains.

What is the DODC (Department of Damage Control) in Ms. Marvel? 3
Anne Marie Hoag on an early cover of Damage Control comics

The company was initially owned by Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk, each owning half the stock of the company. It was headquartered in New York’s Flatiron Building.

What is the DODC (Department of Damage Control) in Ms. Marvel? 4
Members of Damage Control

Damage Control employees have been in the middle of a breakout at the Vault, confronted Doctor Doom, have been threatened with death by the Punisher, and have met vastly powerful cosmic entities such as the Silver Surfer and Galactus. They have “fought” side by side with the X-Men, socialized with the New Warriors, and were even almost menaced by the Hulk.

Their first appearance was in 1988 and the concept was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Ernie Colón.

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