What happens to Jung-Min and So-Ra in Doctor Cha?

Seo Jung-Min and Jeon So-Ra go through a tumultuous relationship with Doctor Cha, which ends with a positive and heartwarming turn.

Like his father and mother, Seo Jung-Min keeps his relationship a secret from other colleagues at the hospital. When it’s revealed to the viewers, it comes as a surprise, because in a professional capacity, Jeon So-Ra is very harsh on him, but outside the hospital, she and Jung-Min have an intense chemistry.

However, So-Ra’s tendency to be really harsh on doctors less competent than her drives a wedge between her and Jung-Min, and after a fight regarding it, they drift apart. So-Ra eventually decides that they make their split official. But when Jung-Min is at his professional lowest, So-Ra supports him.

This helps revitalize their relationship, and even after going to serve his mandatory time in the army, their relationship lives to see another day.

Jung-Min’s plans

After his oversight contributes to a grave error that costs a patient her life, Seo Jung-Min is overcome by guilt and then clarity regarding what he wants to do with his life at the moment.

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It is to go serve his mandatory time in the army. In the meantime, he decides he’ll contemplate what he’ll do with his life. Jeon So-Ra, with whom his relationship was not on the best of terms at this time, decides to wait for him until he gets out.

Three years later, it’s revealed that Jung-Min is serving as an army doctor and is about to jump back into the civilian world and choose what profession to follow. So-Ra asks him about it and he says that he’s thought about it and wishes to resume as a doctor, and in the surgery department.

Meanwhile, So-Ra reminds him that he’d have to call her “professor” when he returns, as she’s become a clinical assistant professor by now.

Thoughts about marriage

After the three-year time leap in the Doctor Cha finale, Jeon So-Ra goes to a dispensary and asks for a pregnancy test kit. Later, she tells Jung-Min that she took a pregnancy test recently, causing him to do a spit-take.

Jeon So-Ra Doctor Cha finale
Image source: Netflix

She then tells him that it was negative but doing that test made her think about marriage and having kids, a thought she claims she actually liked entertaining. When Jung-Min is silent for a while, she hits him playfully, asking him to say something romantic at least.

Where are they headed?

Jung-Min was silent when So-Ra talked about pregnancy, kids, and marriage because he was occupied with the thought of having a kid. He tells that to her, and that it was like they had a kid, and in an instant he was gone.

He seems disappointed that the test result came out negative and So-Ra notices it. Jung-Min then screams out aloud how he can’t wait to meet his kid, prompting So-Ra to blush and be overcome with giddiness.

The two go through a topsy-turvy path of a romance in the show, but by the end, they are in a relationship again. Even though they haven’t married yet, they seem to be headed toward that eventuality and also kids, both of the life decisions they seem excited and prepared for.

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