What does Alicent’s green dress signify in House of the Dragon?

Alicent made quite an impression at Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding by making an entrance during the king’s speech. The impact was further felt when people started noticing the green dress she was wearing.

When Otto Hightower was relieved from his duties as the King’s Hand, he left giving his daughter Alicent a piece of advice.

He gave her two choices, either she can train her son to be the king or stay by the side of her friend, Rhaenyra, whose claim to the throne will be rejected with Alicent’s son being around.

Alicent later found out from Ser Criston Cole that Rhaenyra slept with him. Thus, her trust in Rhaenyra was broken. Rhaenyra had lied about being with anyone during the night she went out with Daemon.

Alicent initially had bought this lie of her best friend and had convinced the King for her. In return for that, she lost Otto. After this lie, Alicent realized that she has no allies in the kingdom and has to make moves of her own.

Alicent’s green dress during the wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor

Alicent arrived late for the wedding and she chose the color green from her wardrobe to wear during the wedding.

Larys Strong gossiped about the same stating that Oldtown calls its banners for war when the beacon at the Hightower glows green.

Alicent over here was finally standing up for herself and her son’s claim to the throne. She acknowledged how far Rhaenyra was ready to go and decided to make a political move of her own quietly and smoothly.

What does Alicent's green dress signify in House of the Dragon? 1
Lord Hobert Hightower promises to stand behind Alicent Hightower

With the dress she wore, much like the Hightower, she was calling for a war with Rhaenyra which no one noticed, but the people of Hightower did.

Alicent’s Uncle Lord Hobert Hightower later greeted her and assured that they will stand with her. This was a big character change for Alicent and her first step into the politics of the kingdom.

What’s Next?

The episode came to a close with King Viserys collapsing to the ground while Laenor and Rhaenyra sealed their union. Viserys might have died leaving Rhaenyra and Alicent’s son to fight for the throne.

The final minutes of the episode saw Alicent continuing the process of making allies by stopping Ser Criston Cole from killing himself for what he did to Joffrey Lonmouth during the wedding.

Rhaenyra on the other hand may soon start noticing Alicent’s motives and would see her best friend and her son as a threat to her.

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