Wendell & Wild ending explained: Does Kat expose the Klux Korp? 

‘Wendell & Wild’ is a stop-motion horror that follows Kat Elliot, a young girl with mysterious powers who can summon demons from hell. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

When Kat Elliot was eight, she inadvertently cause an accident that resulted in the death of her parents, Delroy and Wilma Elliot.

Distracted by her finding a worm in her candy, Delroy drove his car into the water. Realising their fate, the two encouraged Kat to swim to safety. She has blamed herself all her life.

Five years later, at 13, Kat is revealed to have been in a juvenile prison. She has been admitted to a school in Rust Bank, the area where she lived with her family.

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She was taken to a group home and later admitted to a school. There, she was bullied and ended up pushing a student down the stairs, leading to her imprisonment.

She catches a glimpse of her father’s old brewery, which has been burnt down. The fire occurred during her parents’ memorial. The whole town is now almost empty.

Father Bests, the headmaster of the school, accepted Kat as part of a ‘Break the Cycle’ initiative where criminals are given a second chance. But his motive was to get the money from State for saving the school.

Irmgard and Lane, owners of the Klux Korp, are frustrated with the repeated rejection of their private prison plan by the Rust Bank council.

Since Father Bests is aware that they were the ones who cause the fire at the brewery, they slyly murder him. Kat meets Raul, who is unlike the other students. He loves to create art.

Kat is revealed to be a ‘hell maiden’, a human able to summon demons from hell, and has a mysterious mouth on her hand. She is contacted by two demon brothers, Wendell and Wild, in her dream.

They want her to get ‘Bearz-a-bub’, a supernatural plush toy in Sister Helley’s drawer. It will help her summon them. In return, they promise to resurrect her parents.

Wendell & Wild believe they can create a better version of ‘Scream Faire’, where souls end up in hell. It is situated on the belly of their father, Buffalo Belzer. They want to build the new version, Dream Faire, in the real world.

They also steal their father’s hair cream, which they realise has the ability to bring creatures back to life.

Kat finds Bearz-a-bub and uses it to summon them. The two use the opportunity to enter the real world and test the hair cream.

They first find the corpse of Father Bests, and bring him back to life. But he gives them the bad news that the town has been deserted and nobody will pay for their Dream Faire.

He suggests that they make a deal with Klux Korp, which has the money. Irmgard and Lane make a deal. If they resurrect the old guard and help them get council votes to build their prison, they will pay for the Faire and save Bests’ school.

Kat manages to track down Wendell and Wild. She wants them to resurrect her parents, but they have been told not to by the Klux Korp as there could be witnesses to the fire they caused. They cleverly get Kat to pledge her allegiance to them and become her masters.

Raul manages to get his hands on the hair cream and uses it to bring Kat’s parents back to life, who are confused by the development.

The corpses of the old guard of the town are resurrected and vote for building Klux Korp’s private prison. Irmgard and Lane’s daughter, Siobhan, realises her parents’ evil and decides to help Kat.

Wendell & Wild ending explained in detail:

Does Kat free herself from her allegiance to Wendell & Wild?

Sister Helley, who is a Hell Maiden herself, realises what’s happening. She seeks the help of her former partner, Manberg, who collects demons.

In the past, he made her summon demons for his collection. He blood binds Sister Helley and Kat. She helps the young girl fight her inner demon and free herself of Wendell and Wild’s pledge as well as her past.

In the process, Kat is finally able to fully gain control over her power to see visions from the future. But she sees that the Rust Bank will be destroyed by Klux Korp. Kat, Manberg and Sister Helley make their way to fight the demons.

Does Kat stop the Klux Korp?

Wendell and Wild abduct Kat’s parents but they pose no threat to them, even suggesting that a three-year-old Kat was more terrifying.

Siobhan finds the group and reveals that her parents never planned to help Wendell, Wild and Bests. They just wanted the corpses’ vote to build their prison.

To make matters worse, Buffalo Belzer enters the real world to find his sons and starts wreaking havoc. Looking at Raul’s art, he calms down and realises he has not been a good father

He reveals to them that his children left before and never returned, which is why he was so protective of them. Manberg tells him that he has his children in his collection. If he lets them go, he can have his children back.

However, he divulges that the hair cream doesn’t last long. They only have enough to keep her parents alive for a few days.

But Kat’s parents think it could be put to better use. Instead, they use it to revive dead brewery workers who become witnesses against the Klux Korp.

Do Kat’s parents continue living or return to the afterworld?

As a result of their actions, Irmgard and Lane are arrested. Kat’s parents begin returning to the other world. They request her to show them what will happen to Rust Bank.

Kat uses her powers to show them visions where the town is rebuilt, residents return and Kat doing well with Sister Helley and Ms Hunter, the cop who had looked out for her. Knowing this, they perish happily.

Wendell and Wild are given permission by their father to build the Dream Faire. They assure Kat that this will be a fun world for her parents and everybody else who enters the afterlife.

In the end, Kat says that even though she was meant to hate herself all her life, everything she went through has made her happy again. She is a hell maiden with amazing friends.

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