Weathering summary and ending explained

Weathering is a short psychological-thriller film written and directed by Megalyn Echikunwoke. It follows a journalist, who, after losing her baby in labor, experiences vicious attacks by a mysterious person as she struggles with guilt and grief.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Weathering opens with Gemina (Alexis Louder) in labor as she exclaims something is wrong. The doctors tell her to relax and refuse to pay attention to her concerns.

We soon find out that she lost the baby and almost died herself due to medical negligence. Gemina goes back home and deals with her grief and guilt by indulging in vigorous physical exercise during the day and drinking at night.

Her mom visits to check on her and exclaims that her front door was open. It is revealed that her husband Shawn left her after the tragedy, and she often spends time looking at their old Instagram pictures.

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Furthermore, she is supposed to send in an article as part of her job but is facing major writer’s block. One night, while having a drink and basking in negative thoughts, Gemina notices that her door is open again and sees a hooded person standing outside her house.

Suddenly, she falls to the floor as if someone pushed her, but gets up quickly. Fearing for her life, she closes the door behind her.

Weathering ending explained in detail:

What happens to Gemina?

After this strange experience, she gets into the shower and thinks about the time after the tragedy. She confronted the doctor about not listening to her when she voiced her concerns about something being wrong.

However, she didn’t get a satisfying answer and was sent back home with medications.

While showering, someone punches Gemina in the face, and she collapses. She starts dreaming of absurd situations related to her miscarriage and wakes up when her friend James shows up to help.

Gemina believes that someone is trying to kill her, but James laughs it off. He checks the house for any intruders and confirms that everything is clear.

Relieved, Gemina hugs James, and he tries to seduce her. After his advances are refused, he leaves the house annoyed.

Who is the attacker?

The distraught Gemina goes back to drinking and scrolling through Instagram. The next morning, she is dragged away from her bed and brutally beaten by the hooded person.

They haul her out and try to drown her in the pool. Gemina struggles to breathe and tries to catch a glimpse of the person attacking her. In a shocking turn of events, she sees her own face in front of her.

Suddenly, she stops struggling, and we see there is no one there except her. It becomes clear that due to her trauma, Gemina has been mentally disturbed and harming herself for the baby’s death.

Does Gemina survive?

Coming to terms with her condition, she slowly climbs out of the pool and reflects on the situation. Finally, she realizes that the system let her down and it isn’t fair for her to blame herself for it.

She realizes that as a black woman in America, she must fight against injustice instead of succumbing to unreasonable guilt. The final scene sees her in bed with her laptop as she finally has an idea for her written piece.

She types “What will it take to protect Black Women?” as the headline and begins writing further as the screen cuts to black.

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