We Have a Ghost ending explained: Why did Ernest kill Randy?

We Have a Ghost is a horror-comedy film that follows the Presley family, who move to a new house and find that a ghost inhabits it. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The film starts with a family fleeing a house with terror. Later, that same house is sold to another family, without any mention of the incident.

Kevin, Frank, Melanie and Fulton Presley are the new owners. While the rest try as hard as possible to get comfortable, Kevin is visibly resistant to any attempts of cheering him up.

Kevin befriends his neighbour, Joy Yushino, and later stumbles into the secret of the house. A ghost inhabits the place. Despite its best efforts to scare Kevin, nothing works as Kevin states his personal life is much scarier.

Noticing the name ‘Ernest’ on its suit, he assumed that must be the ghost’s name. He tells his entire family about the supernatural presence. Ernest bonds with Kevin.

Frank’s first instinct after finding out is to take the video proof and upload it onto the internet to get views and earn money.

Kevin realises that Ernest has no memory of his past and what happened to him, which is the result of some past trauma. He and Joy attempt to trace his origins.

Meanwhile, the video becomes a massive success and Ernest gains a fan following. This even results in a visit from Judy Romano, a spirit medium on TV who uncovers ghosts.

She thinks it’s all fake and Ernest is nothing but a hologram. After a bit of pep talk from Kevin on how to be scarier, he successfully spooks Judy.

Dr. Leslie Monroe, a previously discredited agent of the CIA, was working on apprehending ghosts. After coming across Ernest, she approaches the officials to resume the operation.

Kevin and Joy uncover the identity of Ernest. The actual person doesn’t look like him and is still alive. He lived in the Presleys’ house before.

Realising that he must have answers, they persuade Ernest to leave the house to meet him. They find further clues at a bar which has a photo of the real Ernest with the ghost before his death.

While outside, Ernest notices a girl who triggers his memories of a similar girl. He says: “Junebug” and approaches her. She gets scared and screams, and everybody present captures this on video.

This gives Leslie and the CIA the chance to slap a warrant onto the ghost. They approach the Presley family but are unable to find Ernest.

Kevin and Joy get closer during the investigation. They finally reach Ernest, who tells them that the ghost is actually Randy, who was the husband of Ernest’s wife’s sister, Evelyn. After June, their daughter was born, Evelyn succumbed to death.

Randy showed up at their doorstep and asked them to take care of her for a while. He never showed up again and, according to Ernest, probably drank himself to death.

The CIA suddenly arrives at the house and apprehends Randy. The Presley family is freed while Randy is put in a cage.

We Have a Ghost ending explained in detail:

What actually happened to Randy? Why did Ernest kill him?

Leslie is overjoyed by the fact that she has finally managed to capture a ghost after years of trying. However, she seems apprehensive when the CIA hints at doing whatever they want with him since he is technically dead already.

Randy notices a bird badge that triggers more memories. He remembers June being taken by Ernest’s wife, Ramona, while he attacks him from behind with a bird statuette.

He realises that he isn’t the culprit. Leslie saves him from the lab workers and Randy is able to escape.

At the Presleys’ house, Ernest shows up. He believes that they are onto him and he wants to silence them, when they had no idea of the truth and Randy forgot everything.

He reveals that Ramona and he could have children. It was Ramona’s idea to get rid of Randy after Evelyn’s death and he went through with it.

Is Ernest dead?

Ernest chases the entire family with the intent to kill. He also says that June doesn’t talk to them anymore and probably knows deep down what really happened.

Ernest gets the upper hand on Kevin and is about to kill him but Randy intervenes. Furious at their actions, he beats Ernest up.

Frank arrives and notices that Ernest has gotten back up and is about to shoot Kevin. He charges at him and flings him out the window to his death. The Presley family rejoice at their safety. 

Does Randy get closure?

Randy disappears after this incident. Kevin tells the CIA that Randy simply left after getting closure, but they are doubtful.

In truth, the family met him later on, along with his daughter June. Randy was able to be finally reunited with her.

With this, he started to disappear and gave the Presleys a parting smile. The CIA urge Kevin to tell them what really happened but he just smiles.

Later, the Presley family is moving to a new home five kilometres away. Joy says she doesn’t like this, but Kevin assures her he’ll come to meet her. The two are clearly attracted to each other.

Kevin wonders if Randy is watching over them from wherever he is, and Joy replies she doesn’t know but it may be true.

As Kevin smiles with hope, he and Joy leave the room hand in hand. A single light bulb flickers, hinting that Randy is, indeed, watching over them.

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