Wahyu: Nightmares and Daydreams character explained

Wahyu is a lowly fisherman chosen by a higher power to impart an important message to humanity. Lukman Sardi plays the character.

Wahyu lives in a village that relies on shellfish farming for their livelihood and he has been working extra hard lately.

He is trying to save up enough money to travel to Saudi Arabia and find his mother who left him when he was a young boy.

Another villager named Rusman is envious that Wahyu is working harder and earning more so he tries to cast suspicions about Wahyu’s character.

He mentions a rumor that Wahyu’s wife might have a thing with one of the other villagers but when Wahyu asks his wife, she denies it.

Getting chosen

One night, a storm is in the forecast but Wahyu still goes out to collect shellfish. He sees a bright light in the sky and manages to get a picture of it.

He rushes back home and shows the picture to his wife. She sees what looks like an angel and the news spreads to the entire village.

Everyone considers Wahyu chosen by God but Wahyu just wants to find his mother. Rusman remains jealous and refuses to believe that he was chosen.

People speculate on what it means to be chosen and when his wife hears that he might be able to read minds, she runs away with all the money he saved up.

A reporter wants to buy the picture of the angel and Rusman pressures him to hand over the picture or the money he’s going to get for it because he is being threatened by gangsters.

Wahyu barely says a word throughout all this and after his wife leaves, he is devastated. He wishes he wasn’t chosen in the first place because he doesn’t want the responsibility.

When their village is being attacked, Wahyu is transported to a different space where he meets the angel. They take the guise of his mother to make him more comfortable.

They tell him that they will be imparting knowledge to him that he must share with the rest because it is integral to the survival of humanity.

That is how Wahyu learns about the Agarthans and gathers the Antibodies to fight them off.

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