Vincent: Kleks Academy character explained

In Kleks Academy, Vincent, the wolfur king, undergoes a change of heart because of Ada. Daniel Walasek plays Vincent.

Vincent’s grandfather was the wolfur king who was killed by Prince Matthew. Although Matthew killed him in self-defense, the wolfurs still want revenge. 

The king’s sister, a wolfur witch, raised Vincent to be cruel, as she wanted him to avenge her brother’s death. 

However, there is still goodness in Vincent’s heart, which Ada does not fail to see when the wolfurs attack the academy.

A good-hearted king

The wolfurs have been hunting for Matthew for decades, but they have not been able to find him because he is living in a bird’s body at the academy. 

By the time they discover his whereabouts, Vincent has become the wolfur king, and the duty of avenging his grandfather’s death has been thrust upon him. 

Like several other wolfurs, Vincent is a passive participant in the witch’s plans, with no real desire for vengeance. He still orders the attack on the academy. 

While he is willing to execute Matthew, he does not want to harm the students, not even to get them to reveal Matthew’s hiding place.

Once Matthew surrenders, Vincent sends all the students home. However, the students return to save the academy. 

Ada’s decision to return is driven by the fact that she has seen goodness in Vincent, giving her hope that she might be able to save Matthew. 

When she finally confronts him at the academy, Vincent expresses his regret about Albert’s death, but he still has no intention of forgiving Matthew. 

Ada does not give up on convincing Vincent. She insists that she knows what Vincent is feeling and that together they can stop this madness that has cost several lives.

Kleks Academy Vincent
Ada sees how Vincent was forced to become cruel

Ada looks into Vincent’s heart and realizes that cruelty was forced upon him at a very young age; he was taught that he must kill others or be killed himself. 

As Ada now understands Vincent, she manages to convince him to at least let Matthew return to his original form before his execution.

Matthew’s transformation allows Ada to show the wolfurs that Matthew, who lost his youth in another body, has already paid the price for killing the wolfur king. 

Ada helps Vincent realize that the vengeance he and the other wolfurs have been seeking is not what they want; it is what the witch wants. 

Ada’s words impact Vincent, who then decides to spare Matthew’s life and return home with his subjects. He also saves Ada when the enraged witch attacks her. 

Before parting ways, he tells Ada his name and gives her a necklace that she can use if she ever needs his help in the future.

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