Viima: Dance Brothers character explained

In Dance Brothers, Viima is Roni’s old friend who ends up becoming the third member of Drastic, Roni and Sakari’s dance crew. Lauri Lohi plays the part of Viima.

Roni and Sakari wish to perform at the Helsinki International Dance Fest, and for that, they decide to join Arvola’s dance company. Roni’s old friend, Viima, who works there, gets them an opportunity to audition for the dance company.

Roni tells Sakari that Viima is Arvola’s golden puppy. Roni and Viima used to be friends, but Roni cut her off completely when she joined Arvola. Now, the two of them tease each other whenever they cross paths.

The third member

Viima and Roni meet at one of Arvola’s performances, and Roni finds the performance laughable. Viima seems to be the only person who shares the sentiment. After the performance, Viima approaches him to ask him why he cut her off suddenly.

Roni tells her that she was the one busy with her career. He believes that she gave up her dreams and ambitions to work at a place that pays her well. While talking to her, he finds out that Sakari was selected by Arvola, but he rejected the offer.

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Roni asks Viima if she is happy at Arvola, as he needs a third member for his and Sakari’s dance crew, Drastic. Viima admits that she could do so many things if only Arvola gave her the opportunity. She ends up dancing for Roni and then joining Drastic.

Dance Brothers Viima
Viima dances for Roni

Viima and Roni’s relationship

As Viima worked at Arvola, she used to rub shoulders with influential people, including Ingvil Ranta, the woman in charge of HIDF. When Viima joins Drastic, she takes Roni to meet Ranta, and because of that, they get the opportunity to perform at HIDF’s fall program.

Apart from that, Viima constantly supports Roni. When he has a panic attack while speaking to her on the phone, she calms him down, and when he loses to Sakari in the dance battle, she goes to comfort him. She also tries to help the brothers solve the DJ problem at their club.

It is evident that there is something going on between Viima and Roni, but Roni keeps denying it. Whenever they approach the topic of their feelings, Roni runs away. When a concerned Viima tries to find out if he is fine, he ends the conversation. 

Later, when she leaves the practice because Sakari keeps messing up, Roni goes after her, and they end up arguing. Roni not only denies his feelings but also treats her disrespectfully, which leads to Viima quitting. 

After that, Viima approaches him again and apologizes for acting unprofessionally, but he does not do the same. She does not want to ruin their performance at HIDF, so she offers to dance with them again.

However, Roni rejects her offer and tells her that he has already changed the choreography, making her feel like she was always dispensable. Despite this, when Viima is asked to come back to Arvola, she declines. Instead, she proposes a collaboration.

In the end, Roni and Sakari perform at HIDF, and Roni realizes that he needs to make his dream come true on his own. When Sakari asks Roni what he is going to do next, Roni looks at Viima, which implies that he might start dancing with her and finally acknowledge his feelings for her.

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