The Vestiges of Divergence from The Legend of Vox Machina explained

In The Legend of Vox Machina, the titular party approaches the sphynx, Osysa, who tells them the the Vestiges of Divergence are their only shot at defeating the Chroma Conclave.

After the Chroma Conclave decimates Emon, Vox Machina heads to Whitestone for safety and while they are there, Keeper Yennen suggests they go to Vasselheim for help.

Vasselheim is a powerful city in the mountains of great religious significance but when the party gets there, their request for help is denied by the Dawn Marshals. They are then pointed toward the Slayer’s Take, where they face a sphynx named Osysa.

Osysa tells them that to defeat the Chroma Conclave, they will need the Vestiges of Divergence, powerful magical weapons created at the time of the Calamity and spread across the Planes of Existence.

She tells them the location of the first vestige and tells them to take it to her mate, who will give them the location of the other vestiges.

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A close encounter with death

The first vestige they head out to find is the Deathwalker’s Ward, a piece of armor worn by Purvan Suul, the champion of the Matron of Ravens.

When Percy finds Purvan’s tomb with the armor in it, he touches it and sets off a trap that kills Vex. Vax sees the Matron while the others don’t and as she is taking Vex’s soul, he offers himself in exchange.

The next moment, Vex is breathing again, and Vax is wearing the Ward even though he has no memory of putting it on. He becomes the Matron’s new champion and the Ward grants him special abilities.

The Vestiges of Divergence from The Legend of Vox Machina explained 1
Vax becomes the champion of the Matron of Ravens

Finding the other vestiges

Vox Machina meets Kamaljiori and when they tell him that Osysa sent them, he tells them that to gain the knowledge that they require, they must pass a test.

After some quick thinking from Scanlan, Kamlajiori is won over and hands over one of the vestiges, a sword called The Mythcarver to Scanlan. He tells that the sword has the ability to find other vestiges.

While holding the sword, Scanlan sees a longbow called Fenthras which is situated in the Fey realm, and he sees a pair of gauntlets called the Titanstone Knuckles worn by a goliath barbarian similar to Grog.

The Vestiges of Divergence from The Legend of Vox Machina explained 2
Scanlan has visions of two of the other vestiges before Mythcarver is taken

They are then attacked by Umbrasyl who defeats Kamaljiori and gets the Mythcarver from Scanlan before Vox Machina escapes to the Fey realm.

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