Vacation Friends 2 summary and ending explained

In Vacation Friends 2, chaos ensues when Kyla’s incarcerated father unexpectedly joins Marcus, Emily, Ron, and her during their vacation in a Caribbean resort. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Marcus has landed an all-expenses-paid trip to a Caribbean resort. Joining Marcus and Emily are Kyla, Ron, and their little Marcus. Maurillio is coming too, and he will be taking care of little Marcus while the rest of them enjoy.

Marcus and Emily get Kyla and Ron excited by revealing that they are planning to have a baby. However, there is one secret Marcus isn’t letting the two in on.

Marcus is having an interview with the CEO of Kim Wae Group. The group owns the resort they will be staying at. The interview is about building a five-star hotel in Chicago. Marcus can’t have Kyla and Ron anywhere near her, considering how crazy they can get.

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Marcus has everything planned, but nothing goes accordingly. He gets so busy enjoying the vacation that he forgets to check his phone. Mrs. Kim has moved up the meeting. Her team is already here, and she will be flying in on Tuesday.

Marcus is forced to tell Kyla and Ron about this meeting, and he requests that they be presentable as Mr. Yeon, Kim Wae Group’s most senior vice president and the lead on the Chicago project, will be here in the evening.

While Marcus fails to leave a good impression on Yeon, Ron quickly gets Yeon to like him. Ron claims everyone he has met has liked him until, surprisingly, Kyla’s father, Reese, shows up at the hotel.

Reese has recently been released from San Quentin. He knew Kyla is going on vacation. He missed all of her life’s big moments, so he wanted to come here to surprise her.

Reese says he was in jail for tax write-offs, but Marcus and Emily don’t buy it. After seeing how Reese is just as crazy as his daughter, Marcus is determined to keep Reese away from the people of the Kim Wae Group.

Ron, on the other hand, sees that Reese doesn’t like him very much. So he desperately takes measures to bond with his father-in-law.

Marcus learns that Reese is up to something. He said he never came to the Caribbean, but he knows some of the people here. Amidst all of this, Emily is struggling to tell Marcus that she doesn’t want a baby; she likes how their life is right now.

Yeon’s group is going to a casino, and he invites Marcus and his friends to spend time there. With the help of Ron, Marcus wins against Yeon’s group in a drinking contest, in which Ron faces all of Kim Wae Group’s employees to see who can drink the most.

Reese is also at the same casino and carrying out a deal with a drug dealer named Warren. Reese has something that belongs to Warren, and he can give it to him if they come to an agreement.

Reese uses Ron, as he is a threatening figure from the army who has killed people, to bail out of the deal when Warren threatens Reese. Following that, Ron and Marcus drop Yeon off to his room.

Yeon initially intended to give the Chicago deal to someone else. Now he knows Marcus, and he thinks Marcus deserves it. Unfortunately, it’s not up to him to give this project to Marcus. Mrs. Kim will decide, and he thinks she doesn’t care one bit about Yeon’s opinion.

Ron’s suspicion toward Reese grows when a package that looks like cocaine gets delivered to him. It turns out that it’s just Kyla’s mother’s ash.

Still, what everyone doesn’t know is that Reese is taking them to Cuba in the name of a secret spot. While everyone is busy snorkeling, Reese, with the help of his friend Jerome, retrieves the money deep in the waters that belongs to Warren.

They escape after evading the National Cuban Police. However, their plane crashes on their way back. Jerome escapes with his share, while the rest of the money burns after the plane blasts. Marcus, Emily, Ron, Kyla, and Reese are then captured by Warren.

Vacation Friends 2 ending explained in detail:

Why does Warren back out?

Warren takes the coordinates to his money from Reese, not knowing that his money is gone. While he sends his people to look for it, Marcus, Ron, Emily, Kyla, and Reese are locked in a shipping container that is dropped into the ocean.

Ron makes use of things he has learned as a Park Ranger and figures out which is the weakest part of the container. A little push creates an opening, allowing everyone to escape.

Upon learning that there is no money in the waters, Warren tracks Reese’s group down. Maurillio poses as an infamous drug lord named Chencho Novar and makes Warren reason with them.

Warren agrees to let Marcus and Ron go, but he demands $5 million for Reese. It’s Ron who saves Reese by giving Warren the money he demands.

Ron is able to pay that amount because he invested in the crypto Reese talked about, and now he has more money than he invested. After seeing Ron save him, Reese accepts Ron as his son-in-law.

Does Marcus secure a deal with Mrs. Kim?

Marcus solved Emily’s problem during this trouble. He admitted that he isn’t ready to have a baby either. However, he wasn’t able to attend his interview with Mrs. Kim.

After taking care of Warren, Marcus sees Mrs. Kim approaching her helicopter from a distance. Marcus stops Mrs. Kim and tries to make his point. Mrs. Kim has analyzed Marcus’s company’s numbers, as he didn’t attend the meeting.

Mrs. Kim’s gut feeling says Marcus is not up for this job. For the very first time, Yeon stands up to Mrs. Kim and tells her why Marcus should get this job. Yeon finds out that his opinion does matter, and Marcus gets the deal.

Why is Reese arrested again?

Marcus, Emily, Ron, Kyla, Reese, and Maurillio go back to enjoying their vacation. Soon, the FBI shows up to arrest Reese, who then confesses that he didn’t get released; he broke out of prison.

Reese admits that it was stupid, but it was worth it, as he got to meet his daughter’s family. Reese lets Ron know that he was right. Reese was threatened by Ron after seeing how great Ron is in all the ways he is not.

What happens to everyone else?

Once Reese is taken away, the group resumes the vacation. After trying to find someone special during this holiday, Maurillio is finally going on a date with Veronika.

Veronika was impressed with how good Maurillio is with little Marcus, and she gave her baby to Maurillio to take care of while she enjoyed her vacation. Maruillio certainly left an impression, and now they are together.

Ron, on the other hand, is looking forward to another face-off with the Kim Wae Group employee who gave Ron a tough fight during the drinking game.

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