Unseen ending explained: Does Zenzi die?

Unseen follows Zenzila Mwale, a maid who also does a number of odd jobs to survive while trying to look for her husband who goes missing right as he gets out of prison.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

When her husband, Max, is released from jail after two years, housemaid Zenzi Mwale sets off to search for him when he doesn’t return home.

Shortly after she embarks in her mission, she gets caught up in a tangle of the criminal underworld, and while she doesn’t make much progress finding Max, her kill counter keeps cranking up.

The police sniffs all the suspicions surrounding Zenzi and brings her in for questioning. Meanwhile, her search continues as the truth about her husband’s past and son’s death begins to come to light.

Murders pile up and the stench becomes too strong for Zenzi to escape as the police chases after her and she goes to Caledon to find Max. She finally does, and is soon met with a great loss.

To find out the truth about her son’s killer, she sets off again, and ultimately confronts him, before leaving him to die and stepping stop a ledge to commit suicide. Before anything else transpires, Unseen comes to its conclusion.

Unseen ending explained in detail:

What did Max do?

Max Mwale was caught with the criminal underworld, working with Hendricks, Joseph, and Jackson. He was also a bad father to his son and a disappointing husband, to say the least. However, he wasn’t a total

When they came to him to take the fall for their boss, Blessing, for the murder of Yazid Noordien, he reluctantly agrees and goes to jail, on the condition that they take care of his wife and son in his absence.

He gets a longer sentence than was promised and during his imprisonment, he comes to know that his wife and son are not being taken care of, he decides to blackmail Blessing to get his demands met.

However, he gets a dead son for daring against the big don. He gets out on bail and instantly goes missing, and as his enemies get on looking for him, he heads off to the place he believes the evidence that implicates Blessing is kept.

Who kills Esulu?

When Joseph tells Blessing that Max is going to blackmail the Syndicate for neglecting his wife and son in his absence, Blessing tasks his underlings to go scare Zenzi and Esulu, so that Max learns what would happen if he dares threaten them.

During their efforts at scaring the mother and son, Hendricks ends up shooting Esulu before he, along with Jackson, Jospeph, and Ernie, take off.

It is Joseph who tells Zenzi that he was there when her son was killed, and at the end of Unseen, it’s Hendricks himself who confesses to have shot her son. Zenzi, after hearing it straight from the killer, leaves her to die at the burning club that Blessing presided over.

Is Zenzi dead?

At the end of Unseen, Zenzi has taken her revenge on Hendricks for her son and husband’s murder. Leading up to that point, she has gone on a bloody journey, on which she had to murder and break-in, along with other activities that exceed legalities.

She kills Ernie, Blessing, Joseph, and finally Hendricks, and in the process, also ends up running from the enforcement. By the end of it all, she has had her revenge as the police has finally caught up with her as well.

However, Zenzi has nothing else to live for, with her entire family dead and no doubt all her means of survival being compromised. As she climbs over the ledge to fall to her death, her sister Naledi stops her, and along with her are detectives Morkel and Lyners.

Naledi reminds Zenzi that she still has her sister to live for, but Zenzi is not convinced. As she seems to be making a jump, the screen cuts to the credits. The ending of Unseen leaves Zenzi’s fate ambiguous but judging by the nature of things that are still unresolved, it’s safe to presume that this might not be the end of things just yet.

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