Under The Amalfi Sun ending explained: Do Camilla and Vincenzo end up together?

Under The Amalfi Sun is a romantic coming-of-age Italian film that is a sequel to the 2020 film Under the Riccione Sun, which focuses on the love story of Vincenzo and Camilla.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Vincenzo and Furio are going on a trip to Amalfi, where they are also supposed to meet his girlfriend, Camilla, and her friend, Natali. Vincenzo and Camilla are meeting after one year as Camilla is coming back from Canada.

However, Vincenzo worries about his mother as she is going on a vacation to Sicily with her boyfriend, Lucio, for the first time. 

Vincenzo picks up Camilla at the airport and sets on their journey to Amalfi. At the same time, Lucio says that he is not a person with plans and turns the car towards Amalfi. Realizing this, Irene becomes very happy.

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Furio and Natali build up comical chemistry. The group also meets Hans, Vincezo’s childhood friend, and he introduces Rebecca to Furio. Furio eventually falls for her.

On the other side, Lucio and Irene are trying to have a good time at Hans’s house, but Roberto, Irene’s ex-husband, keeps coming back to the discussion every time. Lucio does not like this feeling.

While everyone tries to have a good time, Camilla feels detached from Vincenzo. She also wants to tell him about the new job she has been offered in Canada but fails to speak of it every time because Vincenzo has already planned out a life for both of them.

Vincenzo gets pissed off when people worry about him, making him feel inferior because of his blindness. This forms a turning point in Camilla and Vencenzo’s relationship as Camilla believes that she might not be a person ready to handle the baggage that comes with a blind person.

Meanwhile, Roberto makes an effort to reunite with his son and Irene, which makes Lucio feel unwanted. Moreover, Lucio and Vincenzo spend some quality time together, and Lucio convinces him to go scuba diving.

Vincenzo has an eternal experience scuba diving, but Lucio’s motive is misunderstood by Roberto and Irene, which creates major differences between them. However, Vincenzo sees things optimistically and can tell Camilla to follow her calling and that he shall move on.

Furio tries to impress Rebecca by pretending to be rich and friendly but eventually, he realizes that Rebecca is not worth it. Following the heartbreak, Vincenzo teaches Furio to look beyond the external beauty of people.

Natali and Furio also become good friends, and Natali shares her weight loss journey that affected her love life usually. Furio convinces her that she is amazing as she is. But Natali has already somewhat fallen for Hans after their kiss in the jacuzzi.

Hans, however, does not feel the same. But Natali decides to confront him about this and visits his house. There she gets to know that Hans got dumped by his high school girlfriend and thus, stopped believing in relationships.

Following this, Natali moves on. But, on a fine day, Hans leaves a party and comes back to Natali and tells her that she is important to him. They eventually get together.

Under The Amalfi Sun ending explained in detail:

Irene and Lucio

Vincenzo sends a recording to his mother. He says that he usually records people to keep their essence intact within his memories, so while he and Lucio were talking, he recorded their conversation. 

In that conversation, Lucio says how he turned the car from going to Sicily to Amalfi because he could feel Irene’s tension. He further confesses that he wanted to propose to Irene in Amalfi in front of Vincenzo.

This makes Irene emotional, and she realizes that she made a mistake by misunderstanding Lucio and falling for Roberto’s tricks. The next morning when she wakes up, she reads Lucio’s note that he is leaving for home.

Irene hurries up to reach the ferry port to stop Lucio from going. In the meantime, she also confronts Roberto and says how he cannot mend ten years of relationship in a week. Further, Roberto helps Irene reach the ferry port.

Irene finds Lucio, and they get back together.

Furio’s fate

Furio is quite heartbroken and thinks that he is not cool and he doesn’t deserve to be loved. He longs for a person to love. While conversing with Vincenzo, Furio says that he should be grateful that someone is there worrying about him all the time, unlike him.

But, Vincenzo helps him be optimistic. 

On an evening, when Natali and Furio are having their dinner, Furio converses with the waitress, and they hit it off.

Vincenzo and Camilla’s relationship

Camilla has almost decided to let go of Vincenzo when she meets the light technician of Amalfi. He expresses concern for Camilla and offers to help her out.

Following this, Camilla calls Vincenzo at times square to meet. At this moment, the lights of the entire Amalfi town go out, an act of Camilla aided by the electrician. Camilla takes Vincenzo to an uneven dangerous road, and they both walk together.

Camilla closes her eyes to feel and understand life like Vincenzo and gets a new perspective. This brings them close again.

The next day, when they wake up, they find tickets to Canada lying in their living room. Vincenzo decides to move to Canada with Camilla with no return date. Hearing this, Irene gets anxious.

However, Camilla starts to understand Vincenzo more and helps him learn the things that he was not taught for being blind, such as cycling. Thus, Vincenzo overcomes his challenges.

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