Under Her Control ending explained: Does Sofia give Beatriz her baby?

Under Her Control is a Spanish drama-thriller about a young woman who is faced with a difficult decision when her boss offers her a way out that benefits them both. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sofia and Nacho are a young couple that loves each other very much. Nacho is a lowly real estate agent and Sofia works as a salesgirl at a clothing store. Sofia does have plans of working for a huge fashion company and has applied for an internship over there.

The fashion company is owned by Beatriz, a mature career woman who has built her empire from the ground up into a world-renowned business. Sofia gets called in for an interview where she lists out her educational credentials and interest in the industry.

A call comes on the local line and Beatriz asks Sofia to answer it. Sofia answers the call and deals with a customer issue very efficiently, landing her the internship. Sofia idolizes Beatriz and raves about her to Nacho.

Nacho wants to save up money and start his own real estate agency but he will never make enough at his current rate. He suggests moving to a smaller town where he can get an office space for cheap and get a bigger chunk from listings.

Sofia doesn’t want to move back, she wants to stay where she is at the moment and work 12-hour shifts solving problems and coming up with ideas at work.

Sofia’s life is disrupted when she finds out that she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t reveal it to anyone. She goes on a trip to the UK with Beatriz for work while Nacho is still slightly annoyed with her for shutting down his plans.

Beatriz develops a liking for Sofia who shows a flair for design and on the UK trip, she informs Sofia that she will be working full-time once they get back. Sofia considers getting an abortion and goes to church to ask whether god would forgive her for that decision.

When she is forced to let a woman at work go because she has a daughter to take care of all by herself, Sofia gets emotional in front of Beatriz and pukes into a bin. Beatriz realises that Sofia is pregnant and drops her home.

Beatriz has always wanted a child but she’s way past the point of having it herself. She gets an idea and tells her friends Julio and Christina, that she is going to have a child, more specifically Sofia’s child. Julio is a lawyer and Christina is a gynaecologist which means they’re both well-placed to help Beatriz.

Beatriz calls Sofia and tells her that she will stand by her side and help find a solution. At first, Sofia thinks about the abortion but has a change of heart. That is when Beatriz suggests giving the baby to her and getting compensated for it.

They meet with Julio and Christina to go over the details and sign a contract. Under the terms, Beatriz would take care of all the expenses while Sofia would live with her for the remainder of the pregnancy. She would also have to keep this quiet and not reveal it to anyone.

Sofia agrees to the deal after some negotiation on her end. She tells Nacho that she will be moving to London for a couple of months for work but Nacho isn’t too happy with her decision.

Beatriz takes Sofia out to a secure mansion in the middle of nowhere where she’s going to be living. Things start quite well with Sofia enjoying the five-star treatment she receives. She has a Vietnamese housekeeper who doesn’t speak Spanish but takes good care of her.

However, Sofia begins to notice things that slightly unsettle her. First, she loses her phone. Then one day, she realizes that there are cameras inside the house. She asks Beatriz to shut off the ones inside because they make her uncomfortable.

She asks the housekeeper to show her the locked room upstairs. It turns out to be a nursery complete with toys and clothes for a baby boy. Sofia gets more restless about being cooped up and asks Beatriz if she can talk to Nacho on her birthday.

She’s allowed to make a call but after letting her emotions overwhelm her, she has to cut the call abruptly. Nacho gets worried and starts looking into where she’s gone.

Meanwhile, Sofia starts acting out and Beatriz becomes more frustrated and paranoid. When she finds out from work that Sofia lied about her degree and work experience, she begins to worry even more.

Under Her Control ending explained in detail:

Does Beatriz confront Sofia about her lies?

Beatriz heads home as soon as she finds out that Sofia lied in her interview. She even tells Christina that she has doubts over whether Sofia is going to stick to her word.

When she gets back home, Sofia tells her that she’s tired of being treated like a slave after Beatriz ignores her request to talk to Nacho again. Beatriz drives Sofia to the main gate and tells her to leave if she wants to.

She says that this situation is good for both of them and she’s only doing this so that Sofia and the baby are safe.

What happens to Nacho?

Sofia tries climbing the fence using a ladder but she gets knocked back because it is electrified. Beatriz rushes home to check on Sofia and at that moment, Nacho shows up at her office.

He makes a scene and wants to know where Sofia is. Beatriz tells her staff to keep him there and rushes back after giving Sofia something that will knock her out.

Nacho reaches the house and gets to talk to Sofia. She tells him to call the police but he has no signal so he starts walking further away. Beatriz is informed that Nacho got the address so she rushes back again.

She sees Nacho and hits him with her car and hides the body. She then gets rid of his car before going back to see Sofia.

Does Sofia stick to her agreement with Beatriz?

Christina tells Sofia that things are progressing well so they plan to have a C-section the following day and end this ordeal. Sofia is distressed because she never heard back from Nacho but she doesn’t reveal anything to Beatriz.

While they’re having dinner, Sofia knocks Beatriz in the head with blunt force and ties her up. She tells Beatriz that she’s fed up with this arrangement and wants to save herself. She stabs Beatriz a few more times and asks her what happened to Nacho but Beatriz doesn’t say anything.

Sofia spends the night figuring out her next steps and asks Beatriz where the money is kept in the house. She finds the cash and the copy of the agreement and tells Beatriz that if she comes after her, she will expose her.

Sofia gets ready to leave but forgets something and when she heads back inside, she finds that Beatriz has escaped. The two of them get into a scuffle and Beatriz almost chokes out Sofia but stops herself before Sofia stabs her in the stomach and watches her die.

Sofia walks out the front gate, covered in blood and carrying the money that she took but she barely gets a few steps out when her water breaks, putting her in a very tenuous situation.

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