Ulysses: The Afterparty season 2 character explained

In The Afterparty season 2, Ulysses is Zoë and Grace’s funcle, as in fun uncle, who returns to attend Grace’s wedding after years of being missing. John Cho plays Ulysses.

Ulysses is an adventurer who has traveled the world. He is equipped with several skills that he has learned over the years. At their wedding, as a special present, Edgar brings Ulysses back to surprise Grace.

Ulysses hadn’t met his family for a long time. While his nieces are happy to have their funcle back, the likes of Feng and Vivian don’t share the same emotion upon seeing him, considering the past they share.

Ulysses’ past with Vivian and Feng

Ulysses is actually Feng’s half-brother. Feng is from Ulysses’s mother’s previous marriage. However, Feng never made Ulysses feel like they are half-brothers. He treated Ulysses with utmost love.

During his time with the US Army in the unforgiving desert of the Middle East, Ulysses meets an accident that traumatizes him. Ulysses was a dancer on the ‘Rootin’ Tootin’ Salute to America’ tour.

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He sees one of his bandmates lose his leg in an attack. The tour gets canceled, and at a time like this, Feng welcomes Ulysses into his house.

To lift up his brother’s spirits, he pitches Ulysses to compete in ballroom dance competitions with Vivian, who was once a competitive ballroom dancer and came in thirtieth at Nationals.

Ulysses: The Afterparty season 2 character explained 1
Ulysses and Vivian share a moment

Vivian brings Ulysses back to life as she teaches him ballroom dancing, and they compete at various ballroom dance competitions. This lights a fire, and in no time, the two begin an affair.

For a while, Ulysses and Vivian live double lives. On the road, they continue their affair, but at home, they keep off each other. Eventually, Vivian feels guilty and decides not only to end this affair but also her partnership with Ulysses.

Ulysses finds solace in his nieces. However, he fails to contain his feelings for Vivian. He confronts her and tells her that he needs to leave. Vivian gets emotional, and this time, Feng overhears their conversation and tells Ulysses to never show his face again.

Ulysses’ return

Over the years, Ulysses travels the world in hopes of forgetting dance and Vivian. Eventually, Edgar tracks him down in Patagonia. Edgar tells Ulysses about the possibility of Grace being his daughter.

In hopes of finding out the same, Ulysses returns. Though Vivian tells him that she took a paternity test, dancing with Grace convinces Ulysses that she could be his daughter. After all, she is a natural dancer.

Ulysses tries to conduct a DNA test himself. He hasn’t received the results yet, but he is hopeful.

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