Ultraman: Rising summary and ending explained

Ultraman: Rising treats viewers to an action-packed story that explores the complex dynamics of family, heroism, and personal growth.

The film follows Kenji Sato, a famous baseball player living a double life as Ultraman, as he navigates his responsibilities both on and off the field. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The film begins with a young Kenji Sato playing with his parents, displaying his obsession with baseball and Ultraman.

His father, Dr. Sato, is secretly Ultraman. During an emergency attack by Gigantron, Dr. Sato leaves to fight, instructing Kenji to stay home with his mother.

The narrative then fast-forwards 20 years later to show Kenji as a high-headed, famous baseball player returning to a Japanese team after years in the US.

Now, Kenji has taken on the mantle of Ultraman.

During a press conference, reporter Ami Wakita questions Kenji about leaving the US team just before his first championship, hinting at his mother’s passing and family obligations.

Kenji dodges the question, and soon after, a kaiju alert in downtown Tokyo forces him to fight as Ultraman.

However, he gets beaten and escapes as the Kaiju Defense Force (KDF) intervenes.

Ignoring his father’s urging messages to fight, Kenji is reminded by his AI assistant, Mina, of an interview with Ami.

During this private interview, it is revealed that Ken and his mom moved to LA while his dad stayed behind.

Ami probes into Kenji’s secretive and arrogant nature, and through old recordings of his mother, it’s revealed that Ken took on the Ultraman role due to his father’s injury and his mother’s insistence.

She later went missing and is presumed dead.

Kenji’s first game for the Giants is interrupted by a KDF operation led by Dr. Onda, targeting Gigantron near the stadium.

Kenji transforms into Ultraman and battles the kaiju, which seeks a metal sphere transported by the KDF.

Despite the KDF’s lethal intentions, Ultraman tries to protect Gigantron, who is ultimately killed.

The sphere opens to reveal Gigantron’s egg, and a baby kaiju hatches. Kenji, unwilling to leave the baby to the KDF’s mercy, brings her home.

Ken struggles to manage his new responsibilities. The baby, who is 20 feet tall and sees Kenji’s Ultraman form as her mother, wreaks havoc until placed in a containment unit.

Meanwhile, Dr. Onda instructs the KDF to capture it alive.

Kenji argues with his father over past grievances, revealing that he only became Ultraman because his mother begged him.

Ending explained

Juggling responsibilities

Kenji’s life becomes a balancing act of Ultraman duties, baseball, and parenting the baby kaiju.

He reaches out to Ami for advice on juggling responsibilities, and inspired by her, he bonds with the baby, teaching her to play baseball.

One day, her acid reflux causes chaos, leading her to breach the containment unit and head into the city, where the KDF attempts to capture her.

Ultraman saves her but she gets injured, forcing Ken to call his father for help. Dr. Sato helps fix her broken arm.

Dr. Onda’s plan

Unfortunately, Dr. Onda discovers Emi can echolocate and plans to use her to find kaiju island and destroy the monsters.

His motivations are rooted in personal loss from a kaiju attack.

He publicly declares Ultraman a traitor for protecting Emi, prompting the KDF to hunt them.

Parenting Emi

Dr. Sato names the baby kaiju Emi, after Kenji’s mother, and insists on raising her to avoid the dangers of sending her to kaiju island alone.

Kenji, Dr. Sato, and Mina raise Emi, training her to use her powers. They retreat to an old family abode, where Ken discovers his father’s efforts to find his missing mother.

As they reconcile, KDF drones find them, but Emi destroys them and enters a pupal stage.

During an attack by more drones, Dr. Sato is injured, and Kenji, as Ultraman, eliminates the threat and brings his father and Emi home. Emi emerges from her cocoon with wings.

Project Surrogate

The climax unfolds as Gigantron’s roar is heard in the bay, prompting Emi to fly towards it, thinking her mother is alive.

Ken’s home is attacked, leaving everything in ruins. As Mina goes offline, she encourages Ken to save Emi. His father is nowhere to be found.

Ultraman follows Emi’s beacon, discovering her with a mechanical Gigantron built by the KDF as part of Project Surrogate.

Emi is echolocating her way to kaiju island, with KDF following.

Ultraman battles Mecha Gigantron, injuring Emi in the process. Ken realizes that Gigantron is under mechanical control by Dr. Onda.

Losing control of his heart rate, Ken reverts to human form and falls into the ocean. Dr. Sato appears in his Ultraman form, and saves him.

Gigantron, regaining its senses, and Emi join forces against Dr. Onda.

The final showdown

In a climactic battle, Onda’s ship transforms into a giant robot but is defeated by the combined efforts of the two Ultramen, Gigantron, and Emi.

As Onda initiates a self-destruct sequence, Ken forms a shield around the blast to save everyone, surviving but sustaining injuries.

Unable to play the remaining games, he watches his team win, having inspired them to victory.

In a heartfelt interview with Ami, Ken credits his family for his maturity and growth, sharing a message from his mother.

The film concludes with Ken, Dr. Sato, Gigantron, and Emi heading to kaiju island, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

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