Two (2021) summary and ending explained

Two on Netflix is a Spanish horror thriller where a man and a woman wake up in bed together and find themselves attached at the abdomen and they need to find out what’s going on.


The man and woman need to find out what’s going on. Also, they are completely naked and drugged which doesn’t help at all.
When they wake up, they are very confused, they start talking. First, they wonder who did this to them.

The woman accuses the man that he did this to her and has probably raped her. He vehemently denies it and says that he is also in the same situation as her. They think they are stuck by glue but they soon realize that they have been stitched together.

They try to make sense of what is going on, as they wonder what do they have in common. The woman is Sara and the last thing she remembers is that she had gone out to meet her husband. She says she is 33 years old and married to an older man.

The man is David and he had gone out on a date that day and he has a dog named Goldie, he is 38 years old and was an orphan. They discover that there are two of everything in the room like identical paintings. David thinks that there are cameras in the room.

They struggle to get up, finally managing to do so together. They open the drawer and find two identical copies of the Bible. In one of which they find a photograph of a young woman, with the name Rita written on the edge. Both of them are not able to place the woman’s face. They search for a way to escape but find none; they are trapped.

They manage to reach the bathroom. David breaks the mirror with his fist and gives the sharp broken piece to Sara to cut through the stitches joining them, but after cutting a few stitches they discover that a portion of their skins has been removed and joined together. So it is impossible to get separated without bleeding to death.

If you still have doubts about the ending here’s a full breakdown:

Two ending explained in detail:

Truths and Lies

Being in such close proximity, the inevitable happens; they kiss. The lights go off. David says that there are cameras and someone is observing them. Sara doubts his profession. David admits that he is a gigolo and sometimes he records his ‘dates’ and blackmails them later on.

Sara says that her husband is older than her and he doubts that she is cheating on him. She had been living separately and on that day he had called her to meet him. He is a researcher and believes in duality and the music that gets played in the room is his favorite composer. Sara is now convinced that it is her husband Mario who is behind this.

David asks for the description of her husband and says it is the same man who met him at the bar and offered him a huge sum of money to sleep with his wife. Sara is thoroughly disgusted. The dead telephone in the room rings. Sara rushes to get the phone, thinking it is Mario but she is shocked that the voice person speaking is not his.

The Stranger

Frustrated at not being able to do anything, Sara screams for Mario and says that she has been cheating on him on several occasions. They observe that whenever they get close, the observer does not like it. To bring out Mario, they get intimate.

The plan works, and a person looking like Mario bursts in on them. When he gets close, David kicks him, and the person falls unconscious after hurting his head. They see that the person is not Mario but someone who has disguised himself to look like Mario. David says it is the same person who met him at the bar.

The door is open and leads to a passage where they see framed cuttings of newspapers. It tells a story about the first conjoined twins of different sex. The mother died in childbirth, and the picture of the mother is the same as the photograph in the Bible. The father is said to be schizophrenic.

Conjoined Twins

The reality hits them, Sara admits that she is not 33 but will turn 38 on the 4th of May. David says that he was born on the 3rd and he was 38 last May. They discover that their records show they were born in different hospitals.

David says he has a scar and Sara is shocked to know where the scar is. They are the conjoined twins! They rush out of the door into a garage, where they find several cages with dogs who were joined together.

They realize they are dealing with a psychopath. Sara finds her gun near one of the cages and takes it with her. They find Mario’s dead body. David asks Sara if she did it, Sara declines. They hear a voice behind them saying that he did it, and Sara points her gun at him.

The man says she dare not shoot her father. He says he found Mario when he was looking for Sara. He points out a framed photo of conjoined twins who were never separated. He says they were happy and never lonely and had married and had 23 children between them.

He had done this for their own good. Sara and David are shocked. Sara shoots at her father, who tries to stop her. In the scuffle, two bullets are shot. The father falls down injured. David gets the bullet on his knee. As David cannot walk, he tells Sara to cut themselves separate and try to get help.

She tries to cut the stitches with a paper cutter lying there. It is quite painful as the paper cutter is not sharp, they sharpen it on the edge of a chair and finally, they are separate. She manages to open the garage door to find snowy wilderness outside. Bleeding and exhausted, she stumbles in the snow.

As the father wakes up, David gets the gun and we hear bullet shots. The father has been shot in the head. David lies in a pool of blood. Sara lies bleeding in the snow. Their figures merge in a symbol of duality ‘The Yin Yang‘.

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