True Story (2021) summary and ending explained

Netflix’s limited series, ‘True Story’, follows a famous comedian The Kid, who is entangled in a web of crime, money, and lies, and is at the risk of having his career sabotaged.


The Kid is a celebrity who is going through a difficult divorce. Regardless, he’s doing well in business. His superhero film, ‘Anti-verse,’ is a commercial success and has earned a billion dollars. After an interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, he heads to his hometown of Philadelphia to perform stand-up comedy.

The Kid and his entourage (Todd, Herschel, and Billie) stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. Kid is given the luxury suite, but there is already a man in the room with a blown-up sex doll.

After some chaos, we come to know it is Kid’s elder brother, Carlton, who teamed up with Kid to prank the hotel’s manager.

Carlton’s restaurant has suffered a setback, and he is seeking compensation from his brother. Kid knows it’s a waste, having witnessed Carlton’s many ‘business ideas’ go haywire. He tells him to close the restaurant, but Carlton promises him that he can make a comeback owing to his irrevocable liquor license.

Instead of continuing the conversation, he performs a fantastic stand-up act, and Carlton invites some of his friends for an after-show drink. Kid drinks under pressure despite being sober for almost six months. Furthermore, he becomes engrossed in the company of a girl named Daphne. 

Next, we see Carlton waking Kid up in the middle of the night and telling him that Daphne has died, because of a drug overdose. Kid attempts to contact an ambulance but his brother discourages him. They instead call Carlton’s “friend”, the Greek thug Ari.

Ari maps out the plan and tells Kid to go sleep. He requests room service and instructs Carlton to drive to the Cuthbert Street garbage. Kid falls asleep, and when he awakens, the body has vanished. Ari is aware of the fact that Kid is a celebrity, and he requests 500,000 dollars each month for a year for the work, the total being $6 million.

Kid asks his accountant Terry to set “Carlton” up but then changes his opinion. He summons Ari to his suite and strangles him to death after figuring out how to transport the body out of the hotel. Carlton comes shortly after, and he appears to be somewhat anxious.

He devotes the next day attempting to find out how to dump the body, whilst Kid is enraged at everyone. Kid snaps out at his biggest fan, Gene, and is quick to condemn Billie for her bad jokes. Furthermore, Carlton is unable to place the corpse in the service tray as it does not fit.

Kid cancels all of his commitments for the day, but he does get his road case into his hotel suite, planning to fit the body into it. He does, though, have a photoshoot in his room, and the photography team arrives before he does.

Carlton moves the corpse to the bathtub and waits for the shoot to be over. After it is done, the brothers scurry to dispose of the body. When they are about to reach the location, they come across the police, but they end up being fans and take photos.

After the photos, the body is dumped in a big trash trolley. To spin a story and to provide an alibi to the cops, the brothers choose to play basketball with two young kids from the neighborhood. Carlton, on the other hand, still has Ari’s watch, wallet, and smartphone.

Kid learns that Carlton owes the Greeks $600,000 in debt. Despite his agitation, he decides to take a video in which he assures the Greeks that they would receive their money back. Carlton shows the video to Ari’s brothers. The Greek brothers inform him that Ari has been missing and they are trying to find him, but nothing has worked out.

The next day, Kid discovers that Gene (his biggest fan who followed him everywhere) has captured a video of him disposing of the body. He decides to be friends with Gene and convince him to delete the video. Gene transforms into “Behind the Scenes Gene”, appearing as Kid’s friend at a charity event.

When Ari’s body is found in a dumpster, Carlton intends to make Gene appear to be the murderer, so that the Greeks don’t come for him.

True Story ending explained in detail

Was Daphne really dead?

The Greeks beat Gene to death after Carlton frames him up. Following Gene’s unexpected death, the brothers appear to have hidden all evidence. Even though Kid was upset for his brother’s actions since he had gained Gene’s trust and had him delete the video, he assumes that he did it to protect him.

Now nothing can connect them to Ari’s death. However, Kid is in for a shock when he goes to see Carlton in his closed-down restaurant. Despite Kid’s concerns, the brothers become drunk and help each other get to Carlton’s house. Carlton’s phone falls to the floor as Kid lays him in bed.

He notices the screen flashing texts from a girl named Simone, and when he unlocks the phone, he comes to know that Simone is actually Daphne, the dead girl. She is alive and is also requesting her cut of the money.

He asks Julian, a detective, and a friend, to get him her address. He goes to the address to get a confession from her. Even though he wanted to believe that Ari was behind the extortion scheme, he is taken aback when Simone reveals Carlton’s name.

What happens to Carlton after the revelation?

Heartbroken, he decides to invite his brother to the Sixers game and confront him. Meanwhile, Ari’s brothers are not completely satisfied with the culprit they caught. They start looking into Gene’s Instagram and find his old live stream where they can see Carlton in the background, even though he said he didn’t know him.

They rush to find him, killing Simone/Daphne in the process. When they discover that Carlton is at the game, they reach the venue.

Kid starts to leave after a furious argument with Carlton. Carlton, on the other hand, recognizes the thugs and orders Kid to run. The guys shoot, and Herschel (Kid’s bodyguard) is wounded in the hand, causing him to fall back. Savvas and Nikos intercept Carlton and Kid, and Carlton finally gets the courage to admit his sins. Carlton begs the Greeks to keep Kid out of everything, but they are unmoved by his request.

In a swift second, Kid shoots both the Greek brothers and they die instantly. His brother thinks everything is over, but Kid shoots him as well, as he couldn’t let him keep using him and betraying him.

Did Kid go to jail?

Kid ends upstaging the crime scene in a way that it looks like his brother shot the Greeks while receiving the bullet. When the police arrive, he shouts for help and cries for his brother.

Three days later, before an interview, Herschel confronts him and tells him he heard the entire conversation between the brothers. He asks him to tell the truth. Kid finally comes clean and explains everything to Todd and Herschel.

Herschel demands 6 million dollars to keep his mouth shut, which Kid agrees to pay. He proceeds to go and give the interview, explaining the spun story of what happened, and the credits roll in.

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