Top Boy season 3 summary and ending explained

Top Boy concludes the series with its third season premiering on Netflix and following the main characters contend with new enemies before confronting themselves.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sully takes over operations and asks Dushane to retire. The first shipment under his new regime goes horribly awry though, when instead of drugs, there are decapitated heads of Chaash and Munir in the truck.

He receives a number he has to dial up to talk to the person behind this, who turns out to be a big-time Irish gangster named Tadgh. He tells him his nephew Jonny is there and that they’re to take over the business as well.

Sully meets Bill and asks him to arrange a meeting with Jonny. He takes him to them where Jonny ambushes Sully and Junior with several of his armed men. It was a setup.

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Jonny then threatens Sully with a Tash namedrop, as well as mentioning her mother. He says they’re going to get in on the business and that they’ve already taken care of the Moroccans. Also, their cut will be 50%.

Lauryn is coping with her trauma with drugs and gets hooked on it. Jaq tries to get her off them and care for her son, even spending a whole day with her sister which Lauryn really enjoys.

However, before long, she goes back to drugs and pays the price with her life. Shelley needs a shop for her business but instead aims higher and asks Dushane to invest in a chain that she believes she can do wonders with. He agrees.

He goes to Lithe for the money. Soon, however, he finds out that she and Lizzie have run away with his money. Jeffrey finds out that 15 million has been sent off to the shell company Lithe created. Dushane threatens Jeffrey, asking him to bring him his money.

When he’s unable to, he becomes a victim of Dushane’s outburst of rage. Tadgh comes to visit his father at the old age home before meeting Sully and the lot. However, Sully plans to kill them then and there.

He, along with Dushane, sneak up on Jonny and kill him, as well as Tadgh, and take back their drug stash. Sully puts the stash at the Highbury house that Jaq steals while contending with the conflict and guilt over dealing drugs that kill and destroy families.

Shelley’s dream is shattered and soon she breaks up with Dushane. Meanwhile, he learns that MIT is pursuing him regarding a crime he recently committed. He needs to flee the country and needs his passport and money.

As Summerhouse is engulfed in flames due to protests against Bailiffs trying to evict people of their homes, Dushane, Sully, and Jaq’s paths converge to the inevitable point as Dushane meets his end.

Before Top Boy season 3 concludes, Stef deals with his pent-up rage and quest for revenge as Sully’s story also comes to an end.

Top Boy season 3 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Jaq?

Jaq continues dealing drugs and goes strong at the beginning of Top Boy season 3, while also finding time to spend with her sister Lauryn, who has been coping with her trauma through drugs.

Lauryn dies as a result of drowning in the bathtub after overdosing after Jaq had tried her best to make her realize that her son is what’s most important to her. Jaq is devastated and Becks tells her she needs to stop drug-dealing if she wishes to properly look after Lauryn’s son.

Mandy also tells her that Lauryn died as a result of her drug dealing, which cuts too deep for Jaq. She later sees Marianne, a junkie, and her regular customer, abjectly neglecting her infant baby due to her drug addiction.

This messes up Jaq even more as the guilt of her actions dawns on her. She tries to correct her wrongs by a daring move she makes in haste. She steals Sully and Dushane’s drug stash they take back from the Irish.

She takes the stash, along with Becks and Lauryn’s son, and drives off to a hideout for some days. However, Becks helps her realize that life on the run would just not be feasible or possible for them, nor ideal for the baby. Jaq returns to meet up with Sully.

She promises to return all the drugs back but needs him to give her a guarantee that if not her, at least her family is not harmed. However, Sully refuses to guarantee that, saying he doesn’t believe her anymore.

Meanwhile, he also gets Kieron killed because he knows about Jaq stealing the drugs and helping her with the escape. Jaq looks for Kieron when she hears Sully refer to him in the past tense, realizing that he’s no more.

She goes to return the drugs but the bags are robbed from her by Dushane. At the end of Top Boy season 3, she’s shown to be reassuring Becks that everything is okay and they’re going to be fine, with an unreadable expression on her face.

Does Dushane survive?

No, Dushane does not survive at the end of Top Boy season 3. He is enjoying life with Shelley at the start of the season, kicking back and relaxing in a quasi-retirement like Sully told him to after killing Jaime.

He promises a hefty amount of sum for Shelley’s dreams of owning a chain of Nail care shops. However, he fails to deliver on the promise when his money is stolen by Lithe and Lizzie, who run away with all the millions.

He orders Jeffrey to bring him his money which the man fails to, upon finding that all the millions have been transferred to a shell account. Jeffrey breaks the news to Dushane, who in a burst of rage, kills him, before doing a sloppy job of hiding the evidence and bolting.

MIT gets on it and the DNA and prints give them sufficient reasons to pursue Dushane. Meanwhile, he asks Wilson to get his man to track Lizzie down. However, the man informs Wilson he should worry more about Dushane’s crime.

Dushane learns he’s being pursued by the police and decides to flee the country on Wilson’s advice. He needs his money and passport that Shelley helps him out with. He is met by Isaac Latif, the man who gets people out of the country.

Latif tells him that life on the run is expensive. This causes Dushane to rob Jaq later on and steal the bags of drugs. He asks Latif to send his men to aid him in the inevitable fight with Sully, who looks for him all loaded as well.

Latif sends two men who help Dushane out but die in the process while also taking out Junior. Dushane meets a dead end and tries to jump across the gate, but before he can make it to the other side, Sully catches up and shoots him on his side.

The two men, on either side of this gate, talk to each other and confront each other about what transpired, as Dushane bleeds to death.

Who kills Sully?

It seems for the entirety of Top Boy season 3 that Stefan is eventually going to veer off to the lane his late brother Jaime walked on and kill Sully.

He has seen Sully kill his brother and for a long time, he doesn’t reveal this to anyone until one day, when he tells Si about it. Meanwhile, he strikes up a cute romantic relationship with Erin.

However, the balance always seems to be tipping off to the side of him leaving a regular life to one of crime and killing Sully.

When Summerhouse is engulfed in flames because of the protests, Stef seriously contemplates killing Sully with the gun that Si gave him, but he can’t as he’s not allowed to go outside under such dire circumstances.

At the end of Top Boy season 3, he follows Sully and points a gun at him, asking him how it feels. Sully says he stopped feeling a long time ago, seemingly accepting all that he’s done so far and also the consequences of all said things.

However, Stef ends up not pulling the trigger, telling Sully he’s not worth it, before turning back and going away. Sully proceeds to walk to his car and gets in, but before he can turn the ignition on, somebody passes by the car swiftly and shoots him in the head, effectively killing Sully on the spot.

Top Boy season 3 never shows who Sully’s killer was and why he killed him. One can point to the fact that Jaq seems kind of sure while comforting Becks that they will be alright. This might indicate that she’s got someone to possibly kill Sully so they stay safe.

However, there’s nothing solid enough to suggest this is true. Additionally, Sully has made so many enemies that he simply couldn’t go on about his life without meeting a brutal end in a world rife with perils and deaths aplenty.

The point of the scene is less focused on who killed Sully and more on the fact that he is killed, he meets a similar end as his former companion, and that he or anyone else can not become the top boy of this world of monsters for long.

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