Toofaan ending explained: Does Aziz get the respect he deserves?

Amazon Prime Video’s original sports drama, Toofaan, led by Farhan Akhtar and Mrunal Thakur, brings to light the story of a street fighter turned boxing champion. The heartfelt tale showcases a quest for respect that goes beyond the standard measures of success.

The story kicks off with Ajju Bhai aka Aziz Ali (Farhan Akhtar) who is a gangster dominating the mean streets of Dongri, Mumbai. Working as a muscle for Jaffar Bhai (Vijay Raaz), Aziz is tasked with extortion and the violence that comes with it.

After one of his street bouts, he gets injured and goes to a local charity hospital where he runs into Dr. Ananya Prabhu (Mrunal Thakur). The stern doctor refuses to treat him because of his unethical profession and kicks him out. Instead, he asks a known and friendly nurse, Sister D’Souza (Supriya Pathak), to bandage his wounds.

Meanwhile, at his local gym, Aziz is introduced to boxing and gets hooked to the sport after watching videos of the great Mohammad Ali, online.

As he gradually comes to grips with the basics, he loses his first amateur fight to a boxer, training under coach Nana Prabhu (Paresh Rawal) — one of the best trainers in the Mumbai circuit. Determined to be better and earn respect instead of forcing it as a goon, he goes to coach Nana who, after some hesitation, takes him under his wing.

Furthermore, he also starts dating Dr. Ananya, who encourages him to forego a life of crime and take up boxing as a career. Putting his faith into his coach, and trusting the process, Aziz goes on to win the state boxing championship by defeating a fighter named Dharmesh Patil (Darshan Kumar), from Pune.

Amidst the celebrations, a bombshell drops on Nana when he realises that the woman Aziz is dating is his own daughter. Enraged, he slaps Aziz, insults him for betraying him, and sends him away. This anger in Nana comes from his bias against muslims after his wife died in a terrorist attack, many years ago.

Ananya confronts him for insulting Aziz and criticises his narrow mindedness, which he returns with a slap to her face. Hurt, she leaves his house and moves in with her boyfriend. This is when the religious bias transcends into their surroundings and Aziz’s neighbours refuse to let them live in the locality if Ananya doesn’t change her religion.

Refusing such preposterous demand, the couple move out but are unable to find a suitable and affordable accommodation. Aziz ‘s friend, Munna (Hussain Dalal), even tries to use Jaffar Bhai’s name to get them a house but the couple refuses corrupt means. This forces Ananya to move into a girl’s hostel till Aziz returns from the National Championship.

Does he manage to win the championship and provide his soon to be wife with a life that she deserves?

Here is the Toofaan ending explained in detail:

Desperate measures

At the Nationals, Munna brings in a bookie and convinces Aziz to lose purposely in return for a huge sum of money. Having already lost all hope to build a life of his own, the desperate boxer agrees and loses.

Unfortunately for him, the deed of exchanging money gets caught on a CCTV camera and the federation stamps a five year ban on Aziz for fixing the fight. Ashamed of himself, he returns to a dejected Ananya who questions if she chose the right man.

When she refuses to see him, Munna goes to her and confesses that it was his idea that put his best friend through turmoil. He apologises and begs her to return to Aziz, which she eventually does.

The two patch up, finally get married, and move into a room in Sister D’Souza’s house. Aziz takes up a job as a cab driver, starts living a regular life, and Ananya gets pregnant. She soon gives birth to a daughter, which the couple name Myra.

Death in the family

Five years pass and Aziz, now significantly heavier and the owner of a transportation business, has moved on from boxing. One day he receives a letter from the boxing federation stating that his ban has been lifted, but he ignores it.

Ananya chances upon the update and forces Aziz to get into shape again and regain his lost respect, which he also ignores. His adamant wife, however, goes to the federation office and gets his license back. On her way back at the railway station, a transformer explodes, sending the public into a frenzy.

The resultant stampede sees Ananya get crushed to death and Aziz is distraught. After her funeral, which Nana also secretly attends, Aziz heads back to his former coach and requests him to join the quest for a shot at the National Boxing Championship once again, for Ananya’s sake.

Nana, still bitter, blatantly refuses, stating that he doesn’t coach anymore. Aziz gets the message and starts training rigorously to get back into shape. He wins the state crown again, and prepares to make his way to Delhi for the elusive Nationals trophy.

Rise of the storm

Boxing his best, all the way to the semi finals, Aziz loses the match after questionable refereeing decisions. Back home, Nana finally gets to bond with his granddaughter who is heartbroken to see her father get knocked out like this.

Unable to bear this distance anymore, Nana heads to Delhi and meets with the judge who declared his son-in-law the loser in the penultimate bout. It turns out to be none other than Aziz’s former opponent, Dharmesh Patil who holds a grudge against him for knocking him out and injuring one of his eyes permanently.

Nana pretends to still hate Aziz and tricks Dharmesh into revealing his antics over a few glasses of alcohol, which he also secretly records. The following day the officials come to know about the referee being bribed by Dharmesh and he is suspended. Nana heads to inform Aziz of this development and breaks down in front of him.

He begs for forgiveness and vouches to help Aziz win the championship for Ananya. The final turns out to be a tough bout against the undefeated Prithvi Singh (Gaganpreet Sharma) who nearly knocks Aziz out. However, he makes a comeback in the final round and tires his opponent out, before landing the final blow that sees him win the trophy.

Aziz then witnesses an apparition of his deceased wife in the crowd and gets overcome with emotions, finally regaining his respect and achieving a dream that honours Ananya’s memory.

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