Tommy Molto: Presumed Innocent character explained

Tommy Molto, the new chief deputy prosecutor, is determined to prove Rusty’s guilt. In Presumed Innocent, Peter Sarsgaard plays Tommy.

Tommy is one of Rusty’s colleagues. It is a known fact that there is a lot of animosity between the two of them. 

When Raymond is the district attorney and Rusty is the chief deputy prosecutor, Tommy gets sidelined; it is Rusty who is trusted to handle the most important cases.

The tables turn when Nico Della Guardia wins the election for district attorney and makes Tommy, his right-hand man, the chief deputy prosecutor. 

Tommy, although not a bad prosecutor, is described as having both narcissistic and persecution complexes by Nico, his closest colleague.

A prosecutor with a grudge

As soon as Tommy becomes the chief deputy prosecutor, he takes over Carolyn’s case from Rusty. It turns out, all this time, Tommy had been tampering with Rusty’s investigation. 

Tommy reveals that Rusty’s fingerprints are found all over Carolyn’s house and that Carolyn was pregnant. He then questions Rusty about his relationship with her.

As Rusty was having an affair with Carolyn and Carolyn was pregnant with his child, he becomes the prime suspect in her murder case. 

Tommy also charges Rusty with obstruction of justice for taking on Carolyn’s case despite his involvement. 

Tommy employs every trick in the book to treat Rusty like a criminal, including serving him with a search warrant at dawn in front of his family.

Additionally, Tommy does not bother investigating Liam Reynolds, a man who has been convicted of killing a woman in the same manner Carolyn was killed. 

Soon, it becomes evident to everyone that Tommy is more concerned about proving that Rusty is a murderer than seeing that justice is done.

Even Nico notices and has to remind Tommy to stick to the facts and gather evidence during the investigation. He advises him not to let his feelings get in the way. 

When Tommy goes as far as keeping evidence from Rusty and Raymond, who is representing Rusty, he gets a warning from Judge Lyttle. 

Presumed Innocent Tommy
Tommy receives a warning from Judge Lyttle

This leads to Nico worrying that Tommy’s grudge against Rusty might end up ruining the investigation and their reputations.

He then tries to get Tommy to drop the obstruction charge to not seem vindictive towards Rusty, but he fails because this case is a chance for Tommy to get back at Rusty.

Tommy’s hatred for Rusty drives his actions in the investigation, but it also motivates him to excel in court and prove himself as a just prosecutor in the media.

As the case progresses, it becomes clear that Tommy’s animosity towards Rusty is not solely due to office politics but may also involve Carolyn.

Carolyn did not want to work with Tommy, who was attracted to her, and she had filed a complaint with HR about it. She preferred working with Rusty over Tommy.

Tommy might also be the colleague Carolyn mentioned to her son when she spoke about the person who scared her. At the same time, Carolyn’s treatment of him left Tommy feeling bitter.

To prove Rusty’s innocence, Rusty and Raymond will have to win against Tommy, a man who will do everything he can to prove that Rusty is guilty.

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