TOD-209’s backstory in Mulligan explained

In Mulligan, TOD-209 is the cyborg supersoldier Dr. Farrah Braun’s lab was working on. TOD-209 certainly has memories of his own, and throughout the show, he slowly remembers the pieces of the human life he had.

TOD-209 is the only surviving cyborg supersoldier out of the many that Dr. Farrah Braun’s lab had created. TODs were supposed to fight the aliens, but none of them lived long enough to do so.

Only TOD-209 among them did, and even he didn’t perform that well during the alien attack as he kept targeting a lifeless statue. Throughout the series, several human emotions and words, such as love, soulmate, and dreams, trigger the memories TOD had when he was a human once.

TOD-209’s life as a human

The glimpses of TOD-209’s past life suggest that he had fallen in love once. He had a wife, and he probably lost her in a car accident. TOD-209 also had dreams of becoming a musician. He used to play the piano, but he ended up selling it and joining the military.

During his time in the military, TOD was experimented upon. Many soldiers were present during those experiments, and chances are that the real General Scarpaccio was there too.

The reason other TODs are dead

Throughout the show, TOD slowly regains his memories. Every time he gets triggered by those, Farrah stops him and gives him a mission. The world sees these moves of Farrah during a cabinet discussion in the finale.

TOD-209's backstory in Mulligan explained 1
An older TOD killing himself

They all wonder why Farrah is keeping things from TOD. Once TOD is away, Farrah reveals that self-awareness isn’t good for TODs. The other TODs killed themselves right away after finding out who they are.

Does TOD-209 find out the truth?

TOD-209 doesn’t know that Farrah had a hand in his creation. A familiar t-shirt and logo on it that TOD has come across before reminds him that he saw the same logo in Farrah’s lab. It was on a box that has TOD program 001-208 written on it. Furthermore, this t-shirt belongs to none other than Farrah.

TOD-209 then learns that Farrah created him, and the fact that she kept this from him hurts him. During the finale, TOD-209 confronts Farrah in front of everyone. He says that he wishes Farrah had never made him before abandoning her and flying away.

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