Tin Tun: Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, Tin Tun is part of the Silver Lotus triad. He envies Chao Fah Sein, who is chosen to lead the convergence between the triad and Marquez’s cartel. Jim Lau plays Tin Tun.

Once the port of Lagos is opened for the Silver Lotus triad, Chao Fah begins working on the convergence. Tin Tun, from time to time, keeps an eye on Chao Fah’s work.

Unlike Chao Fah, who sees convergence as something big and unique that will open the floodgates of the United States for them, Tin Tun only cares about whether this convergence will help them make money or not. Therefore, Tin Tun and Chao Fah are always at loggerheads with each other.

A visionless man

Tin Tun has his reasons for why Chao Fah is leading the operation, but according to Chao Fah, the only reason he is in this position is because Tin Tun’s family sold out an operation.

Tin Tun and Chao Fah report to Zeyara Lemos, who is running this operation of convergence. Zeyara likes to think that there is nothing more hopeless than a visionless man who sees himself as a visionary. 

Tin Tun and Chao Fah Jack Ryan season 4
Tin Tun and Chao Fah argue over the convergence

In her books, Tin Tun is that visionless man because, when she approached the triad for partnership, Tin Tun believed they were selling themselves short.

Hence, Zeyara chose Chao Fah over Tin Tun for this operation. Simplicity and violence are Tin Tun’s skills. According to Zeyara, Chao Fah has a lot more than that, and she would rather have him run the whole operation in Myanmar.

Tin Tun’s suspicions and death

Tin Tun suspects that Chao Fah is working against them. He has heard reports of Chao Fah avoiding the new work.

Even though Chao Fah paints Soe Wai as a traitor, Tin Tun refrains from believing him. Therefore, while Chao Fah is busy plotting against the triad with Jack Ryan’s team, Tin Tun investigates the lies of Chao Fah.

In the attempt, he kills the doctor and the receptionist Chao Fah used to create his lies. He keeps an eye on Chao Fah’s family, and when Chao Fah returns home with Jack and Chavez, ready to escape, his suspicions are confirmed.

Tin Tun manages to severely injure Chao Fah with a sniper. Chao Fah is in no condition to escape, so he decides to stay, allowing his family to leave.

By the time Tin Tun comes to Chao Fah, Jack, Chavez, and Chao Fah’s family had escaped. Tin Tun still celebrates the fact that his face will be the last one that Chao Fah will see.

Chao Fah then tells him that he is glad because his face is the last one that Tin Tun will see. Chao Fah had planted a bomb nearby. Chao Fah triggers the bomb and kills himself, along with Tin Tun and his soldiers.

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