They Cloned Tyrone summary and ending explained

They Cloned Tyrone is a sci-fi comedy that follows a hustler, an entrepreneur, and a pro who uncover a government conspiracy right under their quaint little neighborhood. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

A kid named Junebug rides around town looking for someone named Fontaine. He finally finds him and leads him to someone selling drugs on Fontaine’s turf.

Fontaine runs over the man and breaks his leg as a warning to stay off his radar, and the broken-down dealer calls up his boss, Isaac, to tell him what happened.

Fontaine stops by the mart every day to get himself some smokes, a drink, and a lucky scratch-off ticket before hearing what the drunk old man, Frog, has to say outside.

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He chills for the rest of the day until Big Moss shows up with the collection for the day. Fontaine realizes that it is short and learns that Slick Charles is nowhere to be found.

Fontaine finds where Slick Charles is chilling with his ladies and visits him. Isaac and his man are following him close by, too, waiting for the right moment.

Just before Fontaine pulls up, Slick Charles gets into a fight with one of his ladies, Yo-Yo, and she leaves. She points Fontaine in Charles’ direction, and he finds some cash stashed away by the pimp.

On his way out, Fontaine gets shot up by Isaac and left for dead, with Charles witnessing the whole thing. He gets up in his bed the next day as if nothing happened, but when he goes to see Charles once again, he is reminded of what happened the previous night.

Yo-Yo backs up Charles’ admission, and together, the trio tries to figure out what’s going on. They go to the house where a suspicious-looking SUV is parked outside, and they investigate the house.

They find an elevator leading down to a lab where a white technician with an afro is working. They also find a body with a face that looks exactly like Fontaine’s.

They rush out of there to wrap their heads around what they just saw and head to Yo-Yo’s grandmother’s house. The next morning, they head to Got Damn! Fried Chicken to get some food and go over what they know.

Charles is the first one to notice that something strange is going on with everyone eating the chicken over there, and Fontaine notices that the manager of the place looks familiar to the tech they saw in the lab.

Yo-Yo uses her charms to get into his office and do some digging, and she discovers that someone is running experiments on people in the Glen. They see a delivery van dropping off some products and decide to follow it.

They eventually get to Mt. Zion Church, where they find another elevator down to a facility below. Inside, they find all kinds of rooms where scientists conduct experiments on mind control and even find a room filled with clones, including ones of Fontaine and Slick Charles.

They are chased on their way out and surrounded by a mob of people who are mind controlled. A man named Nixon drives up to them and explains that their part of an experiment to create a more united country.

He gives them two options, to fight back and face an immediate end to their lives or pretend like nothing happened because they have no way to fight back. Nixon also reveals a phrase that helps him control clones, including his driver Chester, who is yet another clone of Fontaine.

Fontaine faces an existential crisis after realizing that he exists only to ensure that the neighborhood remains dangerous and he has no concept of free will. Yo-Yo still wants to lift the lid on this conspiracy but she gets no support from him or Charles.

They Cloned Tyrone ending explained in detail:

What changes Fontaine’s mind?

Yo-Yo collects all the information she has and tries to send it out to ‘The Post’ but she’s picked up by Nixon and put in a padded cell to be experimented on.

Fontaine gets frustrated and attempts to talk to his mother for advice but he finds out even his mother never existed and it was just a speaker in an empty room.

He meets Junebug who raises his spirits and then goes to Charles to convince him to fight back as well.

What is Fontaine and Charles’ plan?

Fontaine and Charles discover that Yo-Yo is taken prisoner and put their heads together to come up with a way to get down to the facility. Charles suggests bringing Isaac into the fold and putting on a show for the people watching them.

Fontaine tells Isaac everything and gets shot in return. He pretends to be dead as they pick up his body and put a new clone in his place. Charles gets all the gang bangers on his side and storms the facility while Fontaine infiltrates it from the inside.

Meanwhile, some scientists apply the mind control Perm cream on Yo-Yo to get her to cooperate but it doesn’t affect her because she’s wearing a wig. She manages to get out of her restraints just as hell breaks loose in the facility.

What is the goal of the facility?

Fontaine gets into a scrap with Chester who knocks him out and takes him to the real boss. Fontaine meets an older version of himself who is the original Fontaine.

The older Fontaine claims that he’s the lead geneticist on the project and his mission is to ultimately assimilate all races of people together and make them more docile and subservient.

Nixon goes after Yo-Yo and Charles who free all of the clones from their chambers. He tells them that they’ve got facilities all over the country so this is just a blip that they can withstand.

Fontaine says that he can’t let the older geneticist just wipe people’s identities this way and uses the activation phrase to get Chester to kill the scientist.

Yo-Yo distracts Nixon while Charles sneaks up on him and kills him.

What happens to the Glen?

All of the clones escape out onto the streets as confusion and chaos spread. Several news crews arrive in the Glen to report on this strange occurrence and find out what’s happening.

The government conspiracy theories behind cloning begin to catch the wind as people all over the country witness it firsthand. Yo-Yo and Charles catch up with Fontaine as they figure out what’s next. They decide to head to Memphis where they can put their sleuthing skills to use.

In Los Angeles, a man named Tyrone who has the same face as Fontaine goes about his day before sitting down with his buddies and watching tv, only to see a clone of himself on the news.

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