There’s Someone Inside Your House summary and ending explained

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is a suspense-thriller where the graduating class of Osborne High is targeted by a masked killer, who is ready to expose his victim’s darkest secrets. The movie was released on October 6, 2021, on Netflix.


The movie starts with Jackson walking into his residence while talking to his friend, Macon, on the phone, sporting an Osborn high school jacket. He sets an alarm for the evening and takes a nap, only to wake up to discover that his phone is missing. The front door was unlocked, and he could sense that someone had snuck into his home.

When he comes back inside and begins to call 911, he discovers that his photographs have been glued to the walls of the house. These photos were taken on the night when Jackson had beaten another student at his school, Caleb, who ended up having a fractured jaw and other serious injuries. Nobody was aware of this incidence.

Jackson enters his closet area and is attacked by a man wearing a mask that resembles Jackson’s own face. The masked man murders him and, at the same time, exposes the film of Caleb’s assault to the entire school. Jackson’s secret has been revealed, and the entire school is now aware of it.

People believe that Caleb was beaten up because he was gay. Caleb never reported the incident, and now he is even more embarrassed to face the entire school, which would pass judgment on his sexuality. People believe Caleb hired a killer because he was at the football game at the time of the tragedy.

There’s Someone Inside Your House ending explained in detail:

Makani’s secret

Makani, Alex, Zach, Rodrigo, and Darby are best friends. They become concerned when they figure out that the murderer killed Jackson and made certain that his secret was exposed to everyone.

Makani returns home and thinks about her own secret. She had changed her name following an incident a few years ago. She was in junior high when several seniors began to bully her and other girls who had recently become part of the varsity. They intoxicated her, and while under the effect, she pushed another girl into the bonfire.

The girl survived, but she was severely burned. Makani was transferred to a juvenile home, but even after she served her sentence, she was harassed and bullied. She eventually chose to change towns, which is how she ended up at Osborn High School.

Makani is afraid that if her true identity is known, her image will be tainted once more, and this time the harm will be irreversible. She was also secretly dating Ollie, an introverted guy who was labeled a sociopath by his classmates. She hadn’t told her friends about this, either.

The murders continue

At Jackson’s memorial, before everyone can arrive, Katie is seen looking at the arrangements. The screens play a podcast that she had saved in which the concept of “white supremacy” was explored, as well as how there is research and statistics to establish that it is, in fact, sensible and logical. She is taken aback and turns around only to see the killer. She tries to escape but fails.

The police get involved and are on a hunt for the murderer. Among the five best friends, there was suspicion that Ollie was the killer. Everyone developed a negative attitude toward him as a result of his anti-social behavior. At a party, when Rodrigo passes a comment on Ollie and is later murdered, their suspicion grows stronger.

A few days later, an attempt is made to murder Makani. The masked man used a taser on her to stop her from running away. He starts a fire and is about to light Makani up when Alex comes and saves her. Makani believes that Ollie was the killer, as only police had the tasers, and Ollie’s brother was a policeman.

Even though an arrest is made, Ollie gets out of jail in no time.

Who is the killer?

The next day, the school organizes a trip to Zach’s corn farm. All of Makani’s friends had already left, but Makani calls them back to give her a lift. When she discovers Ollie’s car coming towards her, she runs inside the school building. She gets ahold of Caleb and asks him to help her.

However, Caleb is stabbed in the back and the masked killer hands the knife to Makani and runs. Ollie comes running behind her, and that’s when she realizes that Ollie was not the real murderer. She, along with her best friends, drive towards Zach’s corn farm as there was a possibility that the murderer would be there.

Zach’s corn farm was set ablaze in the finale. The friends arrive to save him. Ollie and Makani go deeper into the maze, while the others help their classmates.

When they enter the corn maze, they discover Zach standing in front of his own father, wearing a mask similar to his father’s face. He draws his sword and stabs his father’s chest. Makani and Ollie are stunned, unable to comprehend the fact that Zach is the killer.

He explains why he does such heinous crimes. He had always been mocked for simply being wealthy. His father was one of the town’s most powerful citizens. However, because he belonged to a wealthy class, others treated him as if it was his fault.

Zach wanted to show people that they, too, were two-faced and wore masks all the time. He wanted to prove to them that, given the choice, they, too, would prefer to be rich and privileged.

He claims that he was unable to erase his family name from his identity. It wasn’t his fault that he was born to a wealthy family. However, the people he had killed could easily own up to their mistakes and their identity, but they decided to put on a fake mask and pretend they were free of any secrets.

The movie ends with Makani eventually killing Zach, failing to comprehend that he was capable of carrying out such gruesome murders. 

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