The Upshaws season 2 summary and ending explained

‘The Upshaws’ centres on an Indianapolis working-class family navigating a blended family dynamic under the leadership of patriarch Bennie Upshaw. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The first season ended on a cliffhanger when a mysterious child pretended to be Bennie’s daughter and showed up at the Upshaws’ house. Although it was implied that the infant belonged to Bennie, there was the possibility that Bernard, the oldest son, actually had custody of her.

The eldest Upshaw’s wife recently permitted him to come home after a turbulent period in their marriage where she caught him telling far too many lies.

Bennie and Regina’s relationship is put to the strain and the garage worries about a sudden inspection. As Regina takes her crucial GMAT exam and Bennie’s cherished automobile gets vandalised things don’t look so promising for the couple.

A pet lizard escapes while Regina is taking her exam and that throws the entire hall into chaos.

With Lucretia absent to keep an eye on things, Regina grows determined to throw Maya a cheap birthday party. Bennie is attempting to bribe his way through a case in the meantime, which ultimately lands him in trouble.

As Regina devises a strategy to win over her supervisor at work, Lucia resumes her relationship with an ex-lover, and Bennie deals with his own business problems, we are also introduced to how the family’s seniors manage their own lives. The kids are left to take care of themselves with everything going on.

Further nonsense and some office chitchat are made possible by the people who work at the garage. Duck, an ex-convict who has now discovered God, and Tony, a frightened employee who is constantly terrified of his girlfriend’s anger, are Bennie’s coworkers.

These young pranksters appear to accomplish little and instead waste their time criticizing one another or getting into increasingly awkward situations.

Lucretia and Regina’s unfiltered sister visits them and this digs up old things from the past. Things get heated up and eventually lead to a blowout between the sisters.

Lucretia and Regina have a contentious disagreement during which Regina criticizes Lucretia’s loneliness. After this argument, Lucretia distances herself from Regina’s housework, which she said the Upshaws needed.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

The Upshaws season 2 ending explained in detail:

Chaos unfolds

With Regina’s work being increasingly frustrating and Lucretia taking some time off for herself, it leads to the shop and them confronting the situation they have put themselves in.

The underlying tension between the two sisters reaches a boiling point, with both of them making derogatory remarks about each other.

Trying to make peace

Soon after, Bennie tells Regina that they have finally succeeded financially from the garage and that they currently have a respectable balance. However, this good fortune is fleeting as Regina receives a phone call informing her that nobody picked up young Maya from school.

At this point, Lucretia enters and offers to take her because this was her fault. However, Lucretia says that this garage was hers and that it was purchased with her money in a new argument between the two.

TIme behind bars

At that precise moment, two police officers enter and inquire as to whose garage it was. Lucretia was notified that the police had detected illegal part trafficking in this garage after she had arrogantly claimed the bragging rights.

The scene turns to Bennie inside a prison cell with Lucretia in the cell across from him as he attempts to explain everything to her and calm the situation.

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