The triggers in Jack Ryan season 4 explained

In Jack Ryan season 4, the Silver Lotus triad is selling mysterious triggers to several individuals across the world. Jack’s team finds out about the purpose of these triggers only when they meet Chao Fah.

Jack’s team hoped that they would find Chao Fah at Olafsky’s market. They don’t find Chao Fah there, but they see Tin Tun of the Silver Lotus triad selling five devices called the triggers to Olafsky.

Tin Tun mentions that the locations are already assigned for these five triggers. He also hints that there are more of these triggers when he says these are the only ones Olafsky is buying.

Jack’s team is able to retrieve only one of those triggers. Jack has a clear idea that these triggers must be connected to some kind of explosives. It’s only when he meets Chao Fah that his suspicion is confirmed.

How do the triggers work?

Chao Fah confirms that the five triggers Jack is talking about are only for America. There are more of them. Olafsky is one of the buyers, and there is a line of buyers behind him.

The triggers have a unique end-to-end closed system. There is only one transmitter and one receiver. Jack points out that it’s more like an old-fashioned distress signal.

The triggers in Jack Ryan season 4 explained 1
The triggers inside the vault of Wukong Palace Casino

Chao Fah tasks Jack’s team to break into Wukong Palace Casino and destroy the triggers. They successfully do so and plant their bombs in the vault, where the rest of the triggers are. 

When Chao Fah kills himself along with Tin Tun and Tin Tun’s men, he not only triggers the bomb near him but also the one where the triggers are. Thus, destroying all of the triggers altogether. However, the five packages connected to the triggers Olafsky was meant to have were already on the move.

The triggers help Jack find bombs

Through Tuttle’s mail, Jack’s team finds out that the bombs are on the cars that are being moved by some trucks. Contacting the owner of the trucks results in them learning that these trucks will be at the border the next morning.

After taking out the drivers driving these trucks, who start attacking the moment soldiers come close to them, Jack’s team begins looking for the bombs.

Jack’s team struggles to find them. At a time like this, Jack uses a trigger to connect it to its bomb. The car Mike is in responds to the connection. This way, Jack’s team is able to locate all four bombs and diffuse them.

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